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  1. Version 20130823


    Here's a simple rework of SophT's Famicom Disk System theme to suit the Nintendo Famicom, a system with barely any themes or artwork right now. This is the Main Menu theme.
  2. Version 20130805


    I made this theme a while ago, but never bothered to upload it for some reason. The background is shamelessly stolen from the MAME theme for 19XX: The War Against Destiny theme. This is the Main Menu theme.
  3. Version 20140210


    Sony Playstation 2 - Main Menu (4:3)
  4. Version 20130308


    Zektor (revision B ) - zektor (MAME) Video Snap available at EmuMovies
  5. Version 20130903


    Rework of Cougar888's NEC PC Engine theme to suit the NEC PC Engine-CD. This is the Main Menu theme.
  6. Version 20131116


    Simple red letters for the Atari 2600 wheel.
  7. Version 20130308


    Zektor - zektor (AAE)-MacklinB Video Snap available from EmuMovies
  8. You've pretty much got the lot. Although I don't have as many niche systems, here's a few in mine that I didn't see in your list: Apple II: Essential! (although I don't think I've been bothered to set it up). Future Pinball: I was really into FP a while ago, but have been slack on the recent releases (sorry to all!). MS-DOS: Takes a bit of effort to get up and running, but it is worth it if you have the time to make your own XML - something that you really have to do yourself since there are thousands of games available. I have about 150 titles. ScummVM: Pretty much like DOSBox for point-and-click games that use LucasArt's SCUMM engine. Not at all necessary in my opinion. Most mouse-based games would be a pain in the ass to use in a cabinet unless you had a trackball or something. Visual Pinball: I much prefer FP, but I do have this working. Zinc: I have no clue what this is... apparently it emulates "ZN1, ZN2 and System 11 arcade hardware". Sounds neat but I doubt it'll run G-Darius with the original music *cryingface* If you want to keep going I'd highly recommend having a look at "The Old Computer". Not to blatantly advertise ROM sites or anything, but the list of systems they have software for is just plain stupid.
  9. I'll bet $10 it was a Toshiba drive. Literally 90% of the time I've had to to replace a HDD, it's been a failed Toshiba. Also THK is right - you must do backups! They will make your life ten times easier when a drive inevitably fails. There are many different automatic backup solutions. I use Cygwin + rsync to another machine. If you don't want anything fancy you can always just do a copy-paste every once in a while. Do a Google! Sorry to say but short of HyperSync, there isn't an easy one-click solution to your problem. If you need any specific files, I would be glad to contribute (just don't ask me to upload any PS1 games lol).
  10. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=3444
  11. The flyers I've collected only cover tables that currently exist in Future Pinball, not Visual Pinball - which is why I don't have every flyer available. Although that could be a neat addition =D. The amount of websites that do that... ugh.
  12. Yay for high quality VP wheels! Really great job trekking across the internet to find these. If you want you could just throw them on the FTP, or even submit them to the Downloads section. I've created a few new wheels for my FP XML, but I think I've mostly been using Zerojay's set across both FP and VP. Feel free to grab any wheels that you might not have from /Upload Here/MacklinB/Future Pinball/. The number of games without wheels in my Visual Pinball system is saddening at the moment though, so I can't wait to get my hands on this. Apart from the set I already have, I usually get new VP wheels from already-existing FP tables (most tables listed on Pinsimdb provide wheels), either that or just create it from scratch if I'm bothered.
  13. I've always liked the look of these fatty, old-style Taito cabinets: (soz for the image posts)
  14. But are you able do it the way I've explained? What I'd like is basically to show text only on games that do not have a theme (and therefore need text as they're less unidentifiable) and hide text on games that have a theme (and are therefore more identifiable) so that the theme art isn't obstructed by text.
  15. Ah so it doesn't do what I thought it does - my bad. Regardless, my point remains - this is still something to consider for HyperSpin 2.0.
  16. I've looked around and made sure that this isn't a thing that can already be done, but excuse me if there's some way you can actually do this in HyperSpin. Right now in HyperSpin you have a per-system option to either show info for all games (as in the Genre, Year, Manufacturer, Title shown in the lower left by default) via "remove_info_text". For games using the systems Default theme, this is completely fine -space wise- but more often than not, themes makers will try to stuff lots of art into a space that is restricted by text that - to be honest - is useless when a theme exists for the game, given that themes usually exhibit the title of the game and/or the manufacturer. Since remove_info_text is false by default for all newly installed systems, themes tend to either be designed around all this extraneous text - which limits the amount space actually used for art - or designed in a way that completely ignores all the UI placement, which ends up with UI text overlapping artwork, logos, videos and whatnot. Not good. I sometimes find myself manually editing many user-created themes so that the art and videos contained withe them isn't obscured by game info. Take for example: One simple way to avoid this is to add a toggle-able option which will hide or show info_text and info_wheel depending on if a theme exists for the game or not. Think of it as fullscreen themes - leaving the user to experience the entirety of the theme, rather than having obscuring text. It's a matter of personal preference, really. Maybe alternatively there could be an option to fade in said information after the theme has finished animating in or after a predefined amount of time? Sure, I don't see this option being overly time-saving when looking for one game in thousands of themed games of a system - as you'd need to wait until after the theme has animated in until the game information appears. But I'm sure most people can quickly determine what a game is by its wheel art - and besides - with the upcoming search feature you won't have to do that! I also just noticed that in HS1.3 "remove_info_wheel" and "remove_info_text" does pretty much nothing in my MAME wheel. Does it not do what I'm assuming it does?
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