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  1. So i had a very productive day today, where to start? I guess we will start with the monitor. I have completed the front, i know it looks horrible but i am waiting for the glass to come and with the addition of decals and paint it will come up a treat! I have some surprises planned in that department too but i will reveal that later. Below is the machine gutted with the supports put in place for the frame. In this picture one level is in. Here is the start of the entrance to the wind tunnel, i decided to make this out of ply instead of MDF because i am still tossing up on somthing but i wont bore you all with that. Time to start working on the PC sliding insert, this will hold the PC in place and create a large amount of static pressure. Now i am yet to finish the top level i just ran out of time, the idea will be that there will be a glass window to be able to see inside the machine, and alot of other things, but we will talk about that when we get there cant ruin the surprise now can we? The bottom 2 fans draw in air to cool the power supplys and pull the air through the case then expell the hot air up to the next level, in that level is where the 4 fans pull air aswell to the back where another 2 fans inline with the others expell hot air up to the next level. words can not explain how much air is being pushed in this design and we are still only half way there . I will revel the next stage soon! Please comment if you have anything to add.
  2. RBG buttons from Ultimarc are awesome the brightness level is insane i cant have them fully turned up. day or night the colours loook as they should! Here is my thread http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=1021786 I believe he is working on a RBG Joystick which ill be waiting for
  3. Hey there fellow arcade followers! i am back and have put a full day in today and planning on another full day tomorrow! So where to start. I Guess a good place is the new addition to the cabinet... Yeah i know right? what could i be doing now! RBG Buttons to a PAC-LED64 allows every color combination fade etc. pictures do not do it justice they are so bright colors are true it looks amazing. Now these buttons are for Ultimarc.com they are aazing build quality but they had one massive flaw, which i think should be redesigned. The issue is the cables that come through the bottom would get in the way of the micro switch. With careful placement you could get them to function well but after a few hours on the machine you would find a button here or there not pressing right gettting stick clicking etc, and extra pressure on the housing of the switch itself. I found that if you drill directly through the side you are able to bring the cables through the center and two out either side and getting 100% out of the button with no chance of failure or stress on the mounting. Now i also have added something else... i know i know but i just have put in so much effort into this machine it needs to shine! and shine it will!!!! Some have you may have noticed from the above pictures the joysticks look different well right you are! Auto switching Joysticks, they switch between 4 and 8 way automatically. So now, the buttons will light up the correct color as what the game would have had, the joysticks will automatically switch to the correct location. And the monitor will turn if needed! So today i fully gutted the machine, and started to rewire the old wiring to be neat and safe. I also started on working on the frame for the wind tunnel and PC case. I could have swore i took more photos but it appears i didnt. Will take some tomorrow!
  4. Good Job, Now that i finally know why it wasnt working on XP i have setup a duplicated share and have installed it on a Windows 7 machine to replicate to my XP64 Arcade machine. All appears to be working well thus far. Thanks very much for the application Rain! PS for all those that say its time to update from XP64 blah blah blah I had to pay $300 just to get an XP64 legit copy and its reasoning if you are actually running a real deal arcade cabinet you need XP64 for interlaced multiple switching resolutions. For example i run 200 low true arcade resolutions on a 15khz Arcade monitor.
  5. Hey i asked this a few months ago still unable to use my Hypersync................................... Hey i am having an issue when i try and start Hypersync. I downlaoded the newest version and ran the update, now i get Bootstrapper Status Verifying Windows Media Player Version.. Thats all sat like this forever no matter how many reboots. Windows Xp 64 Fully updated .Framenet 4 is installed any ideas many thanks https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-N8ThnbemLpM/Ujjsi86ow4I/AAAAAAAAHeM/5PuJ_pcCZDQ/w1024-h768-no/mame.png Okay i have now found a doco saying it requires Windows Media Player 12 and it aint supported. So brings me to my next question, seeing i am a paid user and i have access to FTP where is it downloading from so i can manually grab them and sort them. As XP64 wasnt listed as unsupported when i got my subscription.
  6. Hey i am having an issue when i try and start Hypersync. I downlaoded the newest version and ran the update, now i get Bootstrapper Status Verifying Windows Media Player Version.. Thats all sat like this forever no matter how many reboots. Windows Xp 64 Fully updated .Framenet 4 is installed any ideas many thanks
  7. haha thanks mate!! So I have been away for a little, but that’s not to say work has stopped! I was having issues using the Asus rampage trying to get a driver functioning correctly, and I figured the time had come to push on to some more powerful hardware. However the biggest issue with upgrading is I have to stick with hardware that is supported by Windows XP64, this is due to dirext-X issues with Windows 7 using hacked drivers. I7-920 with 6gb Tripple channel memeory with one hell of a board, it features additional NB cooling as well as a factory water block! Currently the unit has only be slapped together to run a burn in and test, once OS is setup and installed I will see how far it can be pushed! Very exciting!!! Big thanks to Sainter4Life form OCAU for assistance in the hardware! Moving on I have started to work on the cabinet Currently I have not done much, just testing that everything fits and making last minute adjustments. The cabinet will be divided into 2 sections, featuring a door for each. Now this might sound silly, but this cabinet is for my daughter and safety is first always. The top cabinet will be locked with a key, sealing the exposed CRT tube away from little hands and keeping all high voltage confined to one zone. The below cabinet will have the computer sealed inside the wind tunnel, this will be shielded by Perspex and wood, sorry cannot give away too much here don’t want to spoil the surprises in store! Here are some pictures of how it is shaping up, please note this is just rough everything will be gone over however everything needs its place before the tidy up will go ahead.
  8. think it should my Dual core 775 runs Gauntlet Legends and that just fine.
  9. So it was time for an upgrade, I have always used the iron method for my PCB and the results are okay, but I am doing more and more PCB fab these days for my small business so it was time to step up the game. I went out and brought a laminator, now these on their own off the shelf are not very good, they do not generate the required heat. I went out and brought one from a local store and did a quick google to see if anyone else had done a mod on this particular laminator and just so happens a fellow Aussie had done this! here is a link to it if anyone wants it. http://ultrakeet.com.au/write-ups/superFuserV2 This modification only took a few minutes and man was it worth it, the results speak for themselves. This is my effort using standard glossy photo paper. The mod itself. The finished Product Now for the fun part!!! What is this exactly, well I think there will be many a people out there that will love this, This is a special fan controller, it will convert a 4pin fan header on your mother board (PWM) to control a large number of 3pin fans from the 1 input up to a large number of amps! It has reverse polarity protection for people that shouldn’t be doing it, and then it also has added protection for the MB just on the off chance something unusual happens. This will allow you to be able to control a network of fans as one fan, and it will also make use of the RPM wire, (please note only use one of the fans in the network for the RPM they will all be the same!) If you dont want or have a MB to get a PWM signal you can make a simple one using a 555 timer and a pot to create the adjustable signal pic etc etc) This makes management nice and easy so you can control those noisy fans have them quiet as and ramp on when needed via temperature control. It also has two pots that will allow you to change the amplification of the signal. This is my secret weapon for the wind tunnel, as I will have the fans installed in blocks of 5, they will represent one fan on the MB and I will be able to adjust each block accordingly to gain maximum airflow when needed as well as minimal noise when it’s not needed! The printable version is posted for download enjoy! This site doesn't let me upload you can download it here http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,131026.80.html
  10. Thanks Guys its a slow but steady project hope to have it completed by the end of the year!.
  11. Hey everyone, so i thought i would show a little video of the USB rotating system controlling a motor. Its very poorly setup on the bench for a quick demo. Its all starting to come together, will start to work on the other circuits now. Still on the todo list. Create Fan PWM Circuit Create Degauss Circuit Refine counter Circuit Etch them onto a PCB Mount Monitor chain and motor 4VAcPwDQPCE
  12. So i have fine tuned and changed the layout a little, I have added some things for future expansion so the device can drive LCD screens control relays PWM and support inputs (if you press a switch do something like for example have 1 switch to turn on the computer aswell as a screen power baord etc etc. I have it up and running, currently i am just messing with a few things, working out mounts and other goodies and the Wind-tunnels controller board. Total cost of parts is about $12.00 I will upload more information on it as i near the end of the project so it has some decent beta testing.
  13. Hey, no i doubt corsair monitor the forums, i submitted an application and plan to them I have designed this board that will go up on the forums along side the software for USB rotate, as you can see by the design it allows room for people to get in there and add flexibility to your cabinet im sure somone will come along and input some new features into the PIC. As you can see the PIC has an extra 15+ controllable ports, these can be input or output pwm etc etc.
  14. Recoil is totally worth doing and i am glad to help, so many views you are the first to comment thanks!
  15. So its come to that fun time now, CHEMICALS!!! Not a fan of buying etchent so i make my own, makes a board in about 20 seconds! Its time to get ready to make my HV bridge once it is completed i will then build the PIC master control PCB. The HV bridge is what will allow the PIC to drive the motor using a series of transistors. This allows me to provide the motor with its own voltage and control its direction by a separate lower voltage.
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