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  1. This was the issue of the 15 contactors i have, a few were Ac power. Thanks for the help Zebulon.
  2. Didnt get a chance to put the contactors on a voltmeter yet, Im using 500ma fuses. I noticed last night that the wire my buddy brought over was for low voltage applications for like car trailer hookups. I am wondering if the wire would be causing this? That would be the only thing that is different from my other builds?
  3. Hey all, This is my 4th cabinet build, this one is giving me issues. Here's the specs Running 24v Siemens contactors with led wiz Running the ground through the led wiz and the 24v to the contactor, with diode the correct way. Sometimes when I power on the 24v supply one contactor activates. Next when using the ledwiz tool I can activate the contactors and watch the fuses blow. Please any insight will help! Thanks guys
  4. Thanks For your Help , your wiring diagrams are a huuuggeee help. Did you ever Build a machine after the Batpin?
  5. Yeah i found 4 of the 28" hanspree basketball tv's and got a good price on them so i jumped on them. Used the last one on this build.
  6. I got the part numbers From Stern For the Decals, and just gave them to a stern distributor. Not a Bad price either $165
  7. Hey All just finished my Cabinet 39" Insignia 28 " Hanspree (basketball) 17" Generic Monitor Asus Board GTX 640 - Playfield GTX 620 - DMD Backglass 8GM MEM AMD Processor 128 GB SSD 250 W Speakers 4x45 Amp Pyle 8" Sub Stern Legs Lockdown bar / Receiver Tron Decal set Side Rails 24v siemens contators knocker Thanks to all of the great help on the forums, tons of info just need to know where to find it. P.S. yes i know my plunger is upside down, did that for space.
  8. Hey all selling my nanotech mot-ion plunger kit. I ended up not even installing it. it cost me 140, it costs you --- ???? Make an offer. Thanks
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