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  1. No Need to go 4k, and can cause problems where full screen is only 1/4 of the screen (Like just the top left corner)
  2. Cool thanks. It looks like mixed pack is what im looking for. Is being a platinum member the only way to get them. I already became a life member over at emumovies and cantnsee spending another 60 for the pack when ibmost likely will only use a few of them. Any where else to get some. I really would like some the are like a glitch effect or something
  3. I figured it out for some reason the settings file kept redirecting where to look for rocketlauncher. got it fixed. thanks
  4. is there a video anywhere that shows the transitions in the pack? I want to see what is in there before i spend $60 just on that
  5. almulder


  6. Ok I have HyperSpin Setup and using RocketLaucher. I have nes emulator and a few others up and running with no issues. But when it comes to MAME i have issues, In rocket laucher, I set everything up and the launch fine and play from both the UI and exe of rocket launcher with no issues, but HyperSpin will not launch the MAME roms, all the emulators still work for the others, but mame is giving me issues from launching in hyperspin. I even tried to link directly to the mame emulator withing the HyperHQ and once I launch hyperspin and select a rom it tells me that it cant find the exe even though its exactly where it says it cant find it. thoughs?
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