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  1. I think someone managed to get it working.. YouTube has a lot of awesome stuff also. There are also mentions of the mojo in the forums. Apparently it does have the correct nvidia support. On a side note. Would this board work as a simple hyperspin board? https://developer.qualcomm.com/hardware/dragonboard-410c Says it supports windows 10 iot.. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Just trying to get a little bit more creative in terms of small, cheap boards that don't require a shield, just because it may be something. As far as I'm aware, to load hyperspin, it needs (and please feel free to correct me, because i am a human) the following. Nvidia flash (or native flash support) Direct x X86 base.. If you want to write a novel on the correct answer, please also feel free to go ahead.. The more information the better... And Granny it down for clarification if necessary.
  2. Also saw this for a tx1 developers kit too.. So not all hope is lost. http://www.nvidia.com/object/JetsonTX1DeveloperKitSE.html
  3. There is also an edu discount kit for every country to receive a hefty discount too.. On the nvidia website.. Australia. http://www.nvidia.com/object/edu-discount-asia.html US/Canada http://www.nvidia.com/object/edu-discount.html Just fill in details. Make up a student ID number.. Get invoice via email with special number.. It's about $200 off I believe. So not too shabby.
  4. True.. Thanks for your constructive criticism there. Like I said.. It is on the cheap.. Who want it on the cheap. I never said it would be simple, nor like the shield itself as in compact design.. ie, ghetto version or homebrew, If you will, because some people like it that way. But I will correct the title to state "nekkid diy shield" I have even seen an engineering site offering modified versions with more ram on demand and better onboard storage (by request).. So an improvement over the original already. As for me getting the odriod.. I honestly was more of a newb at the time and yes it was a learning curve to say the least (I would have preferred the shield), but hearing android and not being aware it was nvidia aspired, and not an all rounder as presumed, well, has taught me that there are alternatives to hyperspin and I'm not honestly afraid of getting a little dirty in an OS. I MAY look into a futureproofed version of the shield TK1 (modified version) as I won't be using the machine for more than it's intended purpose, which will be an emulation desk, nothing more, nothing less. Besides that, if hyperspin matures over time, in terms of coding, and decides to upgrade, there will always be the TX1 and TX2 kits, which most likely, will be compatible with a prior setup to the sheild OS. And so on. If the OS isn't compatible, time for an OS upgrade and more my directory structure (ROM folders and associated emulators) over to the newly laid turf that will become my new playing field. Plus I can add remote on off switch via remote control and PVR tuner (inbuilt) for recording local Australian content and there are cases available too.. Plus in all.. I can call it my own "ghetto shield" or whatever..
  5. I know this might be a dead topic or at least one that has been discussed in great depth.. But I found this article. Not sure on the plans for the "never going to be.. Linux" end point.... But I did find this. No idea if it is any help.. But seems to cover some of the minimum I know about what you're all looking for. BTW, if I ever saw a Linux version.. I'd be on it in a heartbeat. https://helpx.adobe.com/au/search.html#q=Linux actionscripts&t=All&sort=relevancy&geo=en_AU
  6. Just thought I'd start a thread for different nvidia based devices that may have potential as a hyperspin device.. Apart from the GPD win handheld.. I haven't heard of any other x86 device that has the (untested) "potential" to run hyperspin under android and Windows 10, using the x86 environment. OK,now back to what I was saying. Please feel free to post any devices that you feel might be potentially the next awesome hyperspin device.. OK I'll kick off. http://wccftech.com/nvidia-shield-competitor-299-price-jxd-singularity-s192-specs/ This looks like an alright handheld with several hours of gameplay.. And runs on a tegra base.
  7. Here is the real McCoy for anyone wanting the tx1 https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16813190006?Tpk=13-190-006 And for those wanting the ultimate performance boost.. Cue the heavenly choir. https://www.arrow.com/en/products/900-83310-0001-000/nvidia Let the earth crack open underneath you.. The premium version of the tk1.. Possibly at a real bargain and maybe closer to the x1 and x2 as possible.. https://coloradoengineering.com/standard-products/3dr-a10-k1gpu/ I just hope 64gb onboard storage is an option..
  8. Here is a piece of kit that might be ideal for people wanting the grunt of the shield, without the shield. https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16813190005 Might be idea for home arcade users wanting to install their own oses.. But have the overhead of the shield and instant compatibility for hyperspin.
  9. One other thing. If I was to get an external pci express slot and connect it via ethernet with an nvidia graphics card, would that work? Or is it tegra as a minimum for hyperspin to work?
  10. Better yet.. I'll donate this kit to you guys for research if you want. Let me get my new setup, and I'll gladly mail this to whomever wants it. Pm me and we can talk further in private.
  11. Yeah.. I agree with a lot of what you've said and am considering a shield or a mojo.. Preferably one that hooks up to the TV via HDMI.. Odroid.. Well it's been fun.. But you brought me no happiness regarding hyperspin.. Perhaps in the next iteration?? Or when windows 10 ARM finally makes an appearance.. Then the playing field will even out and less porting necessary. In the meantime, If someone could log a shield booting hyperspin and leave it here.. Would surely appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. OK, tried deleting all the flash (flv and swf) files from set directories, removed all unnecessary Directories to cut the fat to a minimum setup and still nothing. So seems my efforts were in vain kiddles, unless I messed up the steps, but tbph, they were pretty easy to follow. I honestly feel it is video support for those files, failing that, it is looking for something either the odroid doesn't support or could be amended from the nvidia version.. Either way, a log of the hyperspin boot from the shield would be awesome to see what happens on a shield when it boots up, for reference, so we can log a couple of non-nvidia devices to see how they differ and so that we can work towards stemming issues for other systems.. Like video support for flash, that nvidia tegra tweak mentioned earlier, possibly some alternative or removal of code to 'side track' some of the resources used by the tegra in the case of missing resources for another processor type.. Vulkanites unite, as this was a talked upon topic, which could be made possible. Maybe I'm just thinking ahead.. Or perhaps I'm just mumbling on, either way, would be nice to see it working on most systems. Hopefully in the future.. Good work guys. So if anyone wants to side load a logger for hyperspin onto their shield and test.. I'd be quite happy to pursue this on my devices to see what differs between each system. Even other XU4 users.. Please lend your support for this cause. You'll need a rooted device to perform logging for hyperspin and there is a plethora of logging apps to track software execution for android these days.
  13. I did see retroX and tried it out. Looks really good, however can't get an authorization code as i have difficulty with amazon and payments for some reason, otherwise I'd be happy with that.. Also as a side note, it says I was banned from the forum.. Not sure why.. Didn't do anything that was extremely alarming or anything like that did I?
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