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  1. Okay, that’s good to know because I might add some Dreamcast rooms at a later date. Thanks!
  2. I added them manually using a method I found on a thread here using generated text files, then I added them in with paths to the exes etc. Is it because they’re steam games? If so, how do I set that up? I don’t have a Standalone exe to test outside steam.
  3. Hi all, So hyperspin loads up, and then I go to my PC Games wheel, select a game, and it loads fine. Takes a few seconds whilst Steam thinks about it, but loads fine. However, a few seconds after it's loaded fine, I get the module error screen from HyperSpin (ahk pid 9220 error), which takes focus away from my Steam game! ARRRGGGH! I use the keyboard to switch back to the PC Game, and when it exits it returns to HyperSpin no problem to select another game. So, it's kind of a false error - the games DO load and exit fine, but HyperSpin is insisting that it isn't! Can I just remove the PC Launcher.ahk module from RL without issue? Is there a new one that I should grab (RL was downloaded only last week, so is recent). Do I need to do something different? Thanks!
  4. I've got to confess I have no idea what that post was about! I've got RL installed alongside HyperSpin. Used the GameRoomsolutions.com tutorials to get it all setup. But what's that bit about .iso and .rar4?
  5. I know you might have your reasons for using an older version of mame, but it's been a few years since 0161 was released, so it might be worth looking to get a newer mame set and executable (they're up to 216 I think at time of writing).
  6. Okay, so the good news is that the option changes for the mame.ahk in Rocket Launcher as recommended by @dark13 worked and I can launch Mame with RL with my nice BGFX settings! The bad news is that that .ahk alteration doesn't work for 0215, so I've reverted to the 210 no-nag that @dark13 supplied me earlier. I *thought* I was doing the clever thing by updating my romset to the latest...seems that wasn't so clever! Should have checked the latest version that works in HyperSpin/RL first - which appears to be 214 according to @gigapig I'll have to wait till the AHK is updated for 215. Strange though, 216 is out already so it's no longer bleeding edge! But my roms for 215 seem to all work fine with 210, so there's no problem for now. Now I just need to configure the controls to all work nicely with each other and add PC games...wish me luck! Thanks all for your help.
  7. I've got Mame 210 no nag working fine when I start it from a folder. I have BGFX and crt-geom selected as a graphics filter. However, when I start it from HyperSpin, it totally ignores this mame.ini and runs games with no graphics filters at all. I've deleted all other .ini files in the directory, and deleted the 'ini' folder since I won't be using any of those examples/sample files (I have a dedicated vertical cabinet so it's just vertical games). I delved into the mame.ahk, but couldn't find any clues - just the usual about hierarchy of .ini files, which is why I cleared them all out so there's only one default (plus individual ones after a game has run). I can't for the life of me work out where HyperSpin is getting it's (non) settings from, and why it's not using the default mame.ini in the directory! HELP!
  8. For anyone coming after me who has this problem, you need to download the latest .ahk file for MAME that's in the downloads section and put it in HyperSpin\Modules\MAME. I've solved this issue for now by rolling back a few versions - using MAME0210 with 215 roms, and it seems to be fine so far. You can download no-nag versions (removes warnings and machine info on game startup) from the downloads section.
  9. Hey @dark13, I have a feeling that that download that you pointed me to won't work with HyperSpin - the latest .ahk file I could fine (212) won't work with it. ?
  10. I updated my MAME roms to 215 from 0170 recently, since there are 1/2 more games I'm interested in available now and due to increases in accuracy etc. Just thought it was a good idea, but... The latest AHK/module file from the downloads section (labelled for 212) seems to not work with 215, but it worked with 0170. What do I do? Is there a AHK file that works with MAME0215 that I'm missing, or do I need to wait. If so, how long? (I'm getting the .ahk error that means the .ahk file is out of date. I had this problem with 0170 and sorted it with the 212 .ahk file.)
  11. Hey @dark13, thanks for that download - that was really helpful and I didn't know that it existed. Is this a continuation of MameUI? I had the 0.170 version, good to update. I decided to bite the bullet and buy a cheap second-hand graphics card for my arcade cab. Some of my PC shooters that I want on there (e.g. Danmaku Unlimited 3, Dodonpachi Resurrection etc.) weren't running at speed either, so I'm back to just using BGFX for ease of use now (easier than GLSL anyway!). However, really useful to know for my next build if that has lower hardware. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the links, will check those out (64 bit). I'll use your advice earlier and let you know how I get on. Cheers!
  13. Hi @spawk, there are no seperate .ini files other than mame.ini. It's a dedicated vertical cabinet, so no need! @dark13 - what is arcade64.exe? I've got a mame64.exe. I have a plugins folder with mame64.exe, do I put glsl in there? Thanks!
  14. I've spent several hours on this but making no headway. I have MAME 0.215 installed. I downloaded shaders from here: https://github.com/libretro/glsl-shaders/tree/master/crt/shaders I put them in a folder called 'glsl' inside my main MAME folder. GLSL is activated in my mame.ini as per instructions here: https://docs.mamedev.org/advanced/glsl.html BUT, everytime I try to specify a path MAME won't boot up and just hangs. If I specify 'none' for the shader it loads, and there's SOME kind of smoothing applied, but I can't seem to access any settings in the MAME menu using the tilde key. This is what the relevant bit of my mame.ini looks like at the moment: # # OpenGL-SPECIFIC OPTIONS # gl_forcepow2texture 0 gl_notexturerect 0 gl_vbo 1 gl_pbo 1 gl_glsl 1 gl_glsl_filter 1 glsl_shader_mame0 "C:\HyperSpin\Emulators\MAME\glsl\crt\shaders\crt-geom" Where have I gone wrong? (BTW, can't use BGFX or HLSL shaders currently because I have an old graphics card in the PC and they're proving too demanding for it, hence the drop back to GLSL).
  15. Thanks, got it working in the end. Unfortunately the BGFX and HLSL seem to be too taxing for the setup. Getting sound stuttering and/or slow frame rates, so will have to roll back into GLSL, which will be fine for now I suppose.
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