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  1. My girl and I split up a year ago but she was super supportive in helping me build. I think one of the main reasons it took so long was the costs. Had to spread out my spending over a long course of time. It took a while to come up with a design as well. Couldn't rationalize having a full cab in a tiny apartment so needed something smaller and portable so I just took a basic control panel design and made it deeper to fit a pc into it. Worked out pretty good. Only about 15 lbs.
  2. I get on and see all these museum quality cabs and just feel ashamed...lol Gigapig.....she's ugly but she gets the job done! Ha ha Paint job got destroyed in storage I'm gonna be lazy and just slap a bunch of band and game stickers on it. That'll work for me!
  3. So after 2 years o my build being in progress, halfway through life problems popped up and it spent half a year in storage, I've finally given up and just called it done. Only has 8 systems but they are all up and running. It's basically just a big box with 2 player arcade controls and 2 usb snes controllers for console games. Had to be portable to take over for parties and whatnot. Would post pics but it's atrocious..lol. Has anybody else got to a point and just threw in the towel no matter how ugly it looked?
  4. I had this happen to me a month ago. Was putting final touches on cab and dog bumped hard drive. Shorted out the hd's pcb. Had to start all over again. Was a cheap build so didnt backup anything cause of costs but the time put into everything could have payed for 20 backup hard drives. Good news is the setup was insanely faster now that i knew what i was doing. I hope ypu can get everything back up and running.
  5. Problem fixed! I'll post how I fixed it in case anybody is having the same problem So The problem was, not a pc wizard btw, that direct3d was overloading my pc. So I downloaded DirectX config utility and disabled direct3d. Then I quickly realized MAME won't run without direct3d. So I got Mameuifx so I could disable it and run through directdraw instead. In either mamui or mameuifx go to settings/preferences> display and change from direct 3d to directdraw. Then go to display preferences by right clicking desktop background. Click on settings tab, click advanced, click troubleshooting tab and set force hardware to the next level after disable direct3d and directdraw. For some reason on full it makes any video I run choppy. Now hyperspin runs through hdmi smooth as butter! Mame builds are on the ftp under jump
  6. Got a quick question for how all you guys have your video out set up. I have a zotac g-force 610 with hdmi running the video and audio out to the tv. The problem I have is when the hdmi is set as the video out it IMMENSELY slows everything down. Hyperspin slows to a crawl and mame won't even run. I have all the latest directx drivers and drivers for my video card. Been researching this for about a week now, and not really sure what to do about it. Most have said I need a stronger processor, but I'm currently using a quad core 2.4 g, It really has no problem running anything that I throw at it. Others say I need a better gpu. The one I have is only 1 gig. I'm leaning towards the GPU isn't powerful enough to handle outputting hdmi signals as my processor never gets above 60% usage while running hyperspin. What are your setups like as far as running video to a lcd tv?
  7. For all the budding hyper-spinners building on a budget that need a cab and don't have the money or friends/family for woodcutting equipment, or for those who want a portable system, I've found a perfect portable cab box. At Michaels Crafts they have a luggage style, very sturdy and hard cardboard luggage style box that is perfect for only $18. I am currently in the process of relocating my hyperspin set-up into this box. It's about 10 lbs. lighter than the wood box I have, is sturdier, waaaaaaay easier to slice into and has a built in handle so you can take it to a friends house for an impromptu tournament. Don't really play too much at home so I really wanted to make a portable system that i could take with me. Another quick tip, I found 2 wireless xbox 360 controllers for $15 a piece at goodwill to make it even more portable......took a while and a few trips to different goodwills to find them, but well worth the $85 savings on them!
  8. Here in Colorado it's legal to have up to an ounce on you and have 2 flowering plants in your home. Still can't get a job without a medical license. At the end of the year they will be passing a law that will allow you to buy from licensed shops without a medical permit.
  9. 100% legal here in colorado.....but I stopped smoking when I moved here.....
  10. Dude no....thank you for the long winded post. You gave me everything I would have had to search for right in one spot. Thanks for goin out of your way to help me and anybody else needing this info.
  11. @ gigapig That's what I'm thinkin would be the cheapest and easiest way to go about this....maybe if I can find a cheap enough controller. And the setup you have there looks awesome. Is the computer in the pedestal?
  12. Maybe down the road i'll pick up a wireless controller and hack it to solder in the arcade controls.
  13. Hey thooperman thank you for helping make up my mind. I'll just use wireless x-box controllers. I really wanted to keep the arcade controls but I think I'm gonna go without them. Way too much of a headache, hassle, and money.
  14. And it might not suppy enough amps to run the ipac directly
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