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  1. Sorry, I guess I (mis)took your comment "its just a box, tv and computer" to mean something a bit different that that. :-). I was well aware that the machine doesn not come standard with any of the extraneous bling.... I suppose folks could simply add that for a couple hundred bucks if they so chose to. My car didn't come from the factory with neon ground effect lights or fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror either- but I still bought it :-) At any rate- I've yet to speak to, hear about or read about anyone that has done anything but GUSH about the VirtuaPin machines. The only criticism Ive found has generally been from folk that have never touched or seen one... which isnt shocking.... The ONLY whack has been the cost (vs the homebrew boxes out there- and I'm OK with THAT tradeoff). Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Which makes sense to me... those are items that perhaps not everyone wants. For instance, while I think adding the "bling" of LEDs around a pinball machine might be fun- but it's not the look that I want.... those "cool toys" are not to everyone's tastes... LOL- I suppose that's true...but then again so are all these projects to an extent.... I suppose you could say my car is just a bunch of plastic, glass, metal and rubber.... but to me- the sum of those parts is something more.
  3. The full enchilada (42" with real DMD). I made a parts list and a to-do list and it would have been excessive. I had no parts to recycle: - I was NOT going to gut out my no-good-gofers real pinball machine - I just moved my backup PC to my MAME cabinet so i could run hyperspin, some newer software, etc. So at first glance the pricetag was high... but then, when I added even a modest wagerate to the labor I'd need to put it- it got a lot closer to homebuilt. Also, in the world of pinball, $5K isnt even that expensive just to buy ONE machine... (yes, yes, I know the differences :-) ) Hell, I just saw a Monster Bash I was interest in sell for something like $10K.... !?!? Anyways, I guess if I had a PC, a pin cabinet, or maybe a LCD able to be re-tasked, I might have chosen differently- but that wasn't the case. Plus, to be honest, my passion isnt in scouring the web for the right custom lockdown bar that will fit and then spending an evening trying to get the LCD fit into the cabinet just so, etc, etc. BTW- Im not taking a swipe at those that ARE good at that- thats just not me. I have other hobbies and other time drains that would make building a tougher choice.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. I weighed the choices... and the dollars and decided to go with a VirtuaPin.
  5. Wow. what was the exact model number? and where (if you dont mind me asking)? Im only seeing m2900/2901's for >$1000 like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/LG-M2901SCBN-29-Stretch-LCD-Monitor-/130861842916?pt=Computer_Monitors&hash=item1e77f941e4
  6. anyone? That demo was sexy as hell.... Though I've yet to see one at an affordable price....
  7. Yes- ensured the database is valid. All the artwork, themes, etc synced- just not the videos. And I confirmed there indeed ARE emu videos for roms that didn't sync. Looking at the XML file- they definitely stopped while going in alphabetical order.... Between ST and SU
  8. So I have hypersync setup JUST for my MAME titles.... Also got a platinum (or unlimited, whatever its called) Mp4 accout with emu movies So I run sync and its downloading like crazy, but when its done, it seems like its downloaded like 98% of the titles A-S, but only like 5% of any title T-Z? ran it again, didnt download anymore.... log shows it stopping at ROMS after the letter "ST" This is a pretty virgin install too- I havent messed with the XML files, running latest MAME, HS 1.3, etc.
  9. thanks... like i said- i did the whole "do-it-all-myself" gig once before, its not as appealing as it once was :-) kinda like the first house we bought was a fixer-upper.... damn thing wasn't finished till we were ready to sell it and move out! Next house didnt even need a coat of paint... i swore never again would i get home from work and have to start drywalling or plumbing...
  10. So I just recently was introduced to this world or virtual pinball.... I swear I was up watching videos and reading posts till about 5am I was so excited. I had a nice collection of pins about 10 yrs ago (TZ, NGG, ST:TNG, BOP, FH, and a few odd balls like safecracker, Banzai Run, etc). I sold them ALL to buy our current house (had newborn on the way) and OF COURSE- I kick myself for not at least saving the Twilight Zone or ONE of them! Sigh- it seemed like the only opton at the time, og well... cant change the past. Anyways, since then Ive slowly begun building back my gameroom. I started with a homebuilt MAME cabinet... and I spared little expense...and I spent DAYS getting it right, reworking it, troubleshooting, etc, etc. So fast forward to today. Now I NEED a virtual pin machine.... short of a windfall of about $40K, its the next best option to put all those old tables back in my basement. But I start to recall the TIME spent building the damn MAME machine and the thought of doing it again from scratch is haunting me a bit. BTW- I GET the whole attraction of "knowing how its put together" - but honestly, that just doesn't appeal to be if its at the expense of 100 hours of labor :-) I mean, I can enjoy a nice steak without necessarily having slaughtered the cow.... So my question is this: Roughly speaking, how much of a premium will I be paying to buy a built machine vs piecing it all together myself?
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