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  1. Getting a hyperspin setup going takes a bit of work. That work goes onto a Windows computer. The combination of things makes me nervous. What if a HDD fails? What if the OS tanks? Or, simpler and less catastrophic - what if I want to create another arcade box in my house and don't want to start from scratch? How does everyone do it? What files do you ALWAYS back up? How do you have your rom collection and art organized to ensure you have everything you need in one place and can just drag and drop and be ready to go? Thanks!
  2. i wanted to revisit this. My plan was to create an image of one of the 4 controllers w different layers and then edit the file for each game. just wondering if anyone has made this happen yet?
  3. this is awesome. is there a definitive vjoy/x360ce guide around here? i've been unable to find it... thanks!
  4. yeah that was actually me who posted that image. basically those games require player 2-4 bindings be to gamepads. only 1 person can bind to keyboard, period.
  5. Hey all. I received my 4 player controller and have Hyperspin all working great with MAME and console emulation. PC Games have been tougher, and I'm wondering if anyone has solutions. Many PC Games only allow 1 keyboard input and other players would have to use gamepads. I am finding lots of solutions to convert gamepads to keyboard keystrokes, but not the opposite, where a keystroke emulates a button press on a gamepad. Does anyone have a way to make games like Double Dragon Neon or Gauntlet work with a 4 player arcade cabinet? Thanks!!
  6. so i just did this. i have a 4 player box with ipac. remapped using this image on ipac went into mame and deleted all control settings, then mapped to this i changed the enter to the semicolon to prevent issues with ui then i just went into each emulator and mapped the joystick buttons to the system buttons (button 1=b in nestopia, etc)
  7. I’m wondering what elegant solutions people have come up with to display the controls for games (what button does what action)... i’m thinking of using the marquee as the place to put a custom image. i have a pedastal setup, so instead of a wide marquee above i could put it in the center of the pedastal by the player start/coin buttons. does such a set exist?
  8. I installed HS and RL latest versions on a PC that was an i5 with 16gigs ram and onboard graphics. OS was windows 7. Installed onto the boot drive (C:\). Hyperspin was Smooth as silk without any changes to any graphic/interface settings. I just setup on an i7 with 16 gigs ram and a PCIe Video Card (MSI i think) and windows 10. So a better computer, right? Besides the OS being different, new install was done onto a new 500tb WD Black drive. This HD was not the OS drive/boot drive. I had seen this recommendation before to prevent an OS crash from taking down the HS setup. Hyperspin is laggy and a bit unresponsive. Any thoughts on what could be causing a superior PC on running worse with HS? Is it the secondary hard drive? Is it Windows 10? Is there something I could have missed? Thanks in advance.
  9. they are fine. i double checked them vs the xml. so now if someone could help me understand how i would handle mame and all the roms inside of hyperspin to make it more manageable, that would be awesome! so i'm going to take the xml that is like mame_no_casino_clones_mahjong_mature_quiz_utilities_playchoice.xml I would create a wheel and name it like "Arcade Classics" or something, then point it to the mame rom directory and use the xml above? then if i want to do a fighting MAME only, i could get an xml for that, point it to the same rom directory and emulator... correct?
  10. So I have the 0.188 XML list and i put it into Don's to ensure it is all named correctly, but Don's is looking inside the zip files so it isn't matching the roms correctly. Anyone know a fix?
  11. i found it. new XMLs are posted here: retrofe.nl/download by a user on this site.
  12. so then using don's rename tool, i try to make sure it matches the xml. none of the games match by crc since the xml from hyperlist doesnt have crcs it seems. the fuzzy logic doesnt work because don's tool is looking inside the zip files. any suggestions here? the goal is to match the games i have to the database so i can see them in hyperspin.
  13. I'm trying to rename my Neo Geo (AES) collection using Don's Tool. The XML from Hyperlist doesn't have CRC values, so it's not matching. Don's Tool isn't matching using fuzzy logic, as it seems to be looking inside the rom zip files. Am I using these wrong? Thanks for the help in advance!
  14. Ok so I've got my consoles set pretty decently, now I'm treading into MAME. I have a romset, it's like 40gigs and its 0188u0 i believe. Of course, none of the things are named correctly. What's the best way to attack this romset to get it organized - named correctly, parsed down to English only releases, etc? Or is it best to just find alternative sources for individual MAME games, as I'd only want maybe 100-200 of them anyway...
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