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  1. Yeah, I'm figuring that out, and quickly. He made it seem like that he'd offer all kinds of support including logging into my machine via TeamViewer if I was having problems and whatnot, nope. Nothing. I asked him a simple question about how to run Mame games that are looking for an analog stick like Afterburner, Star Wars, and Sinistar with a digital stick, and the guy has no idea. I'm under the impression he just plays his games on an LCD with an Xbox 360 controller, and he hasn't ever actually built a MAME cab. He didn't even know what a J-Pac is. All I want is for this thing to work with my standard 6 button, 2 player fighting game layout. The cabinet is a Killer Instinct 2. I'm having to use the keyboard for most of the commands, including the "Start" command. That's just unacceptable, especially for what he charged me.
  2. I bought a pre-configured drive, and the guy is being less than helpful.
  3. I have exactly *zero* use for Xpadder, as I'm running a JAMMA cabinet with a J-Pac to a Windows PC. Because I have an actual standard resolution arcade monitor, I have the monitor set at, surprise surprise, standard resolution. Every time I start a game, I get a Windows Pop-Up from Xpadder saying the resolution too low. Mind you, the games play just fine, but the pop-ups are beyond annoying. And when I finally go to shut downs, there's like 100 popups that are there to be closed out. I need this to stop, and I can't figure out how to do this.
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