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  1. frostmute

    Hyperspin crazy wheel spinning

    I'm guessing you are using joysticks, with the setting enabled in the HQ. This is a bug that makes the wheel spin like crazy. I had to disable the joysticks in HSHQ, and use an IME to map keyboard navigation presses to the stick, to get it to work right.
  2. frostmute

    Anyone have Filterd mame Xml please

    Boy, if I had a dollar for every time those pesky lust generators screwed me over... It's why I switched over to Internet Porn.
  3. frostmute

    Worst front end ever? Yeah..

    What size pants do your Download time and HD wear?
  4. frostmute

    Livingroom compatible Arcade-Box

    This is a fantastic idea... How do you power the system on/off? Open the lid and fiddle with the laptop? When this is hooked up, are there just two wires; power and hdmi?
  5. I've been looking for a way to get Xpadder to STAY VISIBLE on a second screen, when I launch HS... So that I can see what profiles it's loading when I enter and exit different emus. Xpadder INSIST on minimizing every godamn time It loads/switches profiles. I have turned off all options related to minimizing, but it still does it. All I want the window to do is stay where I put it and not minimize, but alas it will not
  6. frostmute

    Retroarch 1.1 coming soon!

    Wow, I was under the impression RA/Libretro was widely known and praised within the emu scene... good to see more people discovering it. It is a fantastic peice of software.
  7. frostmute

    My Hyperspin Intro collection

    How are you planning on doing that? I have also thought about such a function... Also, good work OP. These all look great.
  8. frostmute

    Hide Xpadder window

    I'm looking for a way to solve the INVERSE of this.... I want the Xpadder window to stay open, on a second screen, so that I can easily see whats going on when setting up profiles and troubleshooting. I can't get it to do this. Every time it switches profiles it minimizes, and I have to alt-tab out and maximize it again to see what it switched to. I have all the options that control its minimize behavior unchecked, but it still minimizes.
  9. frostmute

    Manufacturers Games Pulled From MAME with Main Menu Themes

    Thanks! I was just going to start doing this today, then figured I would check this thread. As far as I know, these wheels should be complete now. I have tweaked some of the XMLs though; I come across games that are missing that are good enough to warrant being added and some that I have removed because they were so shitty.... I'm trying to get these wheels to be like 'best of' categories for each company.
  10. frostmute

    Manufacturers Games Pulled From MAME with Main Menu Themes

    I do have them, but they are the same ones that are in RichardBMW's folder.
  11. frostmute

    Manufacturers Games Pulled From MAME with Main Menu Themes

    I fixed the XMLs that this was missing (just has the full mame database in each folder) to match the wheels... (from richardbmw 'Arcade Classics' folder) They are in my FTP: UploadHere/frostmute I will also fix the missing files for the 'Taito Classics' this week and put them in there too.