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  1. Iv'e worked it out, I bothered to register to save someone else the hassle as took me alot of trial and error to resolve. I have the same power switch cable and pin out on motherboard. I have connected successfully to a momentary switch without F1 error & with led working when powered on and led off when switched off So here it is Black = Power Negative/Ground Yellow = Power Positive Blue and Orange cables = LED Power, I believe this works any way but i do have orange on + and Blue on -. Red = Your guess is as good as mine. So to hook up to momentary switch follow connection below Black cable to COMMON Yellow cable to NO (Normally Open) Orange cable to LED + Blue cable to LED - Red cable to NO (Normally Open) Must be connected to avoid F1 error on boot. I know this will help someone as these old dells will surely be reused for mame builds. Some pictures of my arcade build below, Just need to put side decals and t moulding. Getting there!
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