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  1. That's precisely what I meant. Landscape only at launch. Given how slow this whole PC version has been going, lord knows if we'll ever get the support we're all looking for. Posted today by Mike Reitmeyer: http://pinballarcadefans.com/showthread.php/2287-Beta-of-Pinball-Arcade-for-PC/page3
  2. I'm afraid there is bad news however. The PC version will not be launching with cab support. I read that on the pinarcadefans forum. =(
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=95907686
  4. Some of the LED vizios picture are better than samsung, and a hell of a lot cheaper. I know my 55 inch 3d led which cost me $900 SMOKES my buddies $2k sammy. My blacks are much truer than his. And, mines 3D.
  5. Thanks for the offer shakenbake! I actually enjoy the woodworking aspect of projects like this, so I'm looking to do it myself. I just need a outline I can print out to get the measurements and proper locations.
  6. Does anyone here have a to scale template that I could print out for the DMD template with speaker holes? Something preferably like the Medieval Madness front panel as seen here
  7. That is very cool, albeit extremely pricey. =( What are the advantages to using a $300 board over a $20 24v power supply and $40 worth of fuses,breadboard,wire etc? I know I want his shaker/gear motor, but that $300 board is more than a Vishay Plasma DMD and pindmd board. =(
  8. Wow really?!?! So it converts 12vdc computer power supply and ups the voltage? Awesome! I see the boards are $50 a piece...what is the advantage of using these over a $20 24v arcade switching power supply? At the beginning stages of my build, and want to get all the right parts.
  9. technohat, I see you are using the zebulon booster boards. If those take in 12v, and you aren't planning on using your 24v power supply, how are you going to get 24vdc to the contactors?
  10. Viriiguy, hope this helps! Post a followup video so we can see what kind of improvement it made on your contactors. I've got mine in the mail now.
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