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  1. Switch to the new LEDwiz config tool http://www.vpuniverse.com/ledwiz
  2. Run the PinballX Settings.exe, go to Keyboard Input Settings and see what Exit Emulator is set to. If it is set to Q, then it won't work because Q will bring up the VP exit
  3. Starting wiring up RGB leds this weekend. After soldering 10 RGB leds, 30 resistors, RGB strips and the related connectors, I must have done over 200 solder joints. Let's just say I am comfortable with soldering now. The new light show made it all worth it. I used 5 of the mini RGB amps to drive the backbox, playfield and under cab strips (Outer left, left, center, right, outer right flashers) I used another mini RGB amp to power a long undercab RGB strip for the constant table underlighting I have one more RGB amp which I will try driving the gear motor when it arrives I installed the LEDwiz in the Backbox for easy access. Here are the connectors and wiring I used http://www.ebay.com/itm/20PCS-led-strip-4pin-Wire-Male-female-RGB-connector-Wire-Cable-/221311238731?pt=US_Lighting_Parts_and_Accessories&hash=item33872d824b http://www.ebay.com/itm/4Pin-10M-33ft-Wire-Extension-22AWG-Cable-Cord-for-3528-5050-SMD-RGB-LED-Strip-/141100347184?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Night_Lights_Fairy_Lights&hash=item20da3c6f30 http://www.ebay.com/itm/5Pcs-4-Pin-Splitter-1-to-3-Connector-Femal-Cable-for-LED-RGB-Strip-Light-/200984637101?pt=US_Lighting_Parts_and_Accessories&hash=item2ecb9e2ead If you don't like the mini RGB connectors, you could also look at using the larger RGB amps with the standard wire connections http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-12V-12A-Mini-LED-RGB-Signal-Amplifier-for-SMD-3528-5050-LED-Strip-Light-New-/281124068439?pt=US_Lighting_Parts_and_Accessories&hash=item41744cdc57 Issues with the RGB stars I ordered - http://www.ebay.com/itm/321225009393?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 - The red and blue connections are not marked correctly. Red was B- and Blue was R-. I had only wired one up before finding this out. I have seen other post mentioning this also - I had one RGB star where the green LED was not working, I ordered a replacement and some spares.
  4. I am running 3 monitors off gtx660 with win7 x64. I have no complaints. I may encounter some minor stutter here and there but I don't know if I can blame it solely on video card. Using an Athlon x4 3 ghz CPU.
  5. According to PinballLife website, widebody tempered playfield glass - 43" x 23-3/4" - 3/16" thick. http://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=2543
  6. I received the mini RGB amplifiers and tested one with a 5m 5050 RGB led light strip and it is working great. I will add the RGB led stars to the configuration but I have some soldering to do before I can test that Test results using a multimeter: Current draw of the 5m LED strip was 1 Amp per color channel (3 Amps total). This current is provided by the mini RGB amp Current draw on the LEDwiz is only 100 microAmps per color channel (300 uAmps total). That's .1 milliamps per channel, way below the 500 millamps limit of the LEDwiz port I tested with two 22 LED truck strobes. 2 strobes in parallel running of of one LEDwiz channel drew 360 mAmps from the RGB amp. Current draw on the LEDwiz was again only .1 milliAmps. I ordered a gear motor, I am curious to see if the LED amp can be used for this application also. Here is some pics of the mini RGB amp (TI LM324 - Single Supply Quad Operational Amplifier circuit)
  7. Zeb's booster boards has its uses, I still might invest in one for the other pincab toys. For the LEDs though, this $7 solution should work. The LEDs are connected to the amplifiers not directly to ledwiz, so you can run up to 4 Amps per output. The setup above is under 2 Amps per channel
  8. I was looking at RGB led strips and I found this cheap RGB mini amplifier ($1-2) which can handle up to 4 Amps per channel (12Amp total). My thought is to use 5 of these amplifiers connected to LEDwiz outputs to drive 2 RGB lightbars(playfield, backbox) and undercabinet LED strips. The LEDwiz RGB related outputs are only an input signal to the amplifier, so that should be well below 500 mA. Meanwhile, the mini ampliflier can provide up to 4 AMPs for each color (with a 12V 12amp power supply of course. I am looking for feedback that this approach makes sense or my logic is flawed Here are the RGB amplifiers: http://www.ebay.com/itm/5PC-A-lot-Mini-LED-Amplifier-strip-for-rgb-strip-lights-DC12V-12A-RGB-4pin-Signa-/290997817222?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43c0d24f86 Here is the wiring diagram for 1 RGB LED in each of the Lightbars and 1 LED RGB strip wired in parallel. Multiply this by 5 for the entire setup. Thanks,
  9. I would recommend to get a playfield monitor with a gaming mode. Typically gaming mode is set to run at 60 hz
  10. You will probably get more responses if u post in the Hyperspin forum. This is Hyperpin forum for the Pinball frontend
  11. Same here with table download - looks like bugs in the download process were introduced in the weekend updates
  12. Might be able to assign vpf id to some existing xml entries - If pind is able to identify ipdb id based on description and there is only one entry in the ipdb-vpf.json file, then the vpf id could be added to the xml entry (like Abra Ca Dabra). Not sure how many tables are unique though. Viriiguy - Hmm. I guess backup the vpt files, re-download tables via Pind to get hyperpin xml entries with ipdb and vpf id. But then copy the old tables back over on top of the newly downloaded ones, so you get back all of the vpt file script modifications (settings, dmd location, enabling of b2s or uvp).
  13. General feedback from testing today: - I am getting used to this simplified downloading of VP table, media, roms, videos and unpacking to appropriate folder. Let's me focus on setting up the VP table/script adjustments. Time saver even if this is not 100% success yet - Media mis-match: Recent BroncoBuster table downloaded Bone Buster media/video, even though Mediapack BroncoBuster.rar existed. No video exists yet. Maybe because its a original table/not in IPDB. Worked great for LaserWar table - Downloading new table from Sources tab: downloaded, extracted, updated XML file, but could not view the new table in the Admin-Tables tab until I manually perform "Resync with Hyperpin" - Could not re-map server port. Always seem to be set to port 80, even though I changed it in settings-mine.js (configured to " port: 100,") - No stability issues with downloads - Update from Global tab successfully downloaded new version ( I have setting-mine.js configured to "updateToBleedingEdge: true") - I can post issues and logs tomorrow. Just wanted to capture it here. - Would like to see future option to download directB2S or UVP backglass - Would like to see XML file saved in Windows/DOS format (CR\LF) instead of UNIX format (LF only), so XML file is readable even in basic notepad - Regarding new ipdb and vpf tags in the XML, does PinD support adding those to existing XML entries or only for new XML entries done by Pind? Here is my visual pinball.xml to help with XML creation. Only 130+ tables, but all VP9 cabinet tables. Had to split into 2 files as I am blocked from upload larger .txt or any .zip files... Thanks again! Visual Pinball part2.txt Visual Pinball part1.txt
  14. I will repeat the test and submit a bug report with a XML script containing the problem tables and log. Some tables were - Big Brave (Gottlieb 1974),Big Daddy (Williams 1970) As for the pattern matching. Might help to allow Bally and Midway and Williams to match if table name matches. Same with Premier and Gottlieb, etc As for trying to match table description, table naming, media naming, video naming - that's the challenge Maybe create a lookup table of existing tables, all media, based on ipdb id, and then for new tables/files not contained in that lookup table revert to searching/pattern matching. After initial release, look up table could be crowd sourced like the Ledwiz tables configs and periodically updated.
  15. Spent some time tonight using PinD. Heres a running log of observations. Did manual update. Created New database. Reading my XML file is fine 131 tables. Downloading vpf index is fine. Stability issues in try to get my missing media. I am mainly missing videos. Server crashes and I restart. Seems to resume. Changed concurrentdownloads to 1. Seems to grab 1-3 videos before crashing. Not sure if it helped Seems to be grabbing same videos over and over. Maybe due to no video avail but trying to match it to something. Removed tables from XML file that it could not find videos for to see how far it continues. Periodically resyncing with XML. Or creating new db to see if it helps. Will keep trying until all media found. Maybe if an exact match is not found for media, prompt the user with list of possible matches and also an option to skip it. If user picks one, download it and rename it to match the xml table description. If user skips it, mark it Yellow (N/A). Maybe move the DMD status window between table list and Actions section for easier viewing. How can I change the default server port? I am running a web server on my PC already so I want to assign a diff port.
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