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  1. So I am using ffmpeg to convert the mp4 videos from emumovies into FLV's and they work after that point. its just kind of a PITA to leave my PC chugging through these videos for hours and hours. I have some info for anyone researching a long term cause/solution - when using RDP and 1080 resolution - hyperspin works great and the mp4 files work great. -when using a local user session and 640x480 resolution, the movies only play sound and there is no video (sometimes jsut some green "wash" instead of black) -Windows Media Player AND HS both exhibit the problem and non-issue when switching between RDP/screen resolution. WMP and HS also both play the flv videos and audio successfully under any of my tested conditions -during troubleshooting, i used sharky 007's tool to rset my codecs to "reset all" and "sharkys reccommended" neither of these affected the situation. -Radeon HD 5450 graphics card with CREEmudriver 2.0 installed. feel free to ask any questions. the ultimate solution for me was to just convert to FLV
  2. I am having the same problem, I think it is because my screen resolution is 640x480. And I am using crtemudriver. If I open the emumovies .mp4 files in media player, I get a black screen and audio, I have reset my codecs with shark007s codec tool I just got a subscription today, the flv files I had collected prior were working but the mp4s from any movies/hypersync are not If anyone has advice on crtemudriver 640x480 resolutions and .mp4 videos (gtx 950 graphics card)
  3. Nevermind i got it figured out, ty
  4. "could not verify hyperspin membership" "you currently have the most updated version"
  5. nailed it! super roundabout but.... using ppjoy I created a virtual joystick that was looking at mouse inputs, then mapped clicks as joystick buttons in xpadder! Careful if youre using fusion the right click opens a menu but.... set right click to your HS exit key instead of a player button and celebrate!!!
  6. So I am using a trackball encoder that works like a mouse for my CP - the problem is that the buttons are actually mouseclicks, 1, 2 and 3. I found a program called x mouse button control that works like a champ in notepad - when I try to use it in hyperspin and subsequently emulators (zsnes - super scope, Fuzion - lethal enforcers) it works about 1 out of every 100 presses.... is there any possible way for me to map clicks to keys as successfully as xpadder does to joystick buttons?
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