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  1. This is now for sale unfortunately! http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/11627-planet-pinball-widebody-4630real-dmd-for-sale/
  2. Got the decals applied and most of everything put back together. The photos don't do the artwork justice! I'll try to get some better pictures once this rain stops!
  3. So really making some progress on my cabinet lately! Here are some wiring pics, and tomorrow I'll be applying my artwork! (design by Stuzza12 and printing credited to Lucian)
  4. Thanks for the info/feedback Junky. Wiring these cabs is a lot more work than I anticipated, can't imagine wiring these cabs without Zeb's boards! Pictures to come shortly!
  5. I think I've got everything correct up above. I'll have a couple of 12v push buttons with lights that won't get hooked up to the virtual output kit, for those two, can I just run 12v and ground to them so they always stay lit?
  6. Thanks Zeb! Pacman is the next project! So I've been wiring for a couple of days, and just a couple simple questions. I've got some 12v buttons in the front of the cab with c161 bulbs and the buttons have 2 prongs, - and +, and then the buttons just have a normal microswitch. I know I get my 12v power from the booster board, but for the - return on the lighted buttons do I just take that to the appropriate section on the booster board for each button right? And then just wire the microswitch up to an ipac for instance? I guess what I'm confirming is that the Led Wiz doesn't actually take keyboard commands, it just controls the lighting and toys right? Similar for the gear motor and shaker, I have the combo gear/shaker setup with the controller board, so I hook up 12v and ground to the power plug off of my PSU, and then take the single wire coming off of the shaker and the single wire coming off of the gear motor to the - return to the appropriate labeled section the the booster board? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, I'll shoot him a message to see if it's something he would be interested in doing. In the meantime, let there be paint!
  8. Anyone have any recommended artist? I'm looking to do something similar to what Chriz99 did with his Big Bang Pin, but I want to change some of the characters around and make our side artist stand apart. I really like the big bang bar artwork, and I may just use that, but my front buttons don't line up perfectly with that artwork, so I'm really considering spending the money to get the artwork I want. I reached out to shadman, but I haven't heard a response, so looking for any other well known artist.
  9. Thanks Zeb! I never came across those PDF's before, answers a bunch of my questions!
  10. So next on my list is bondo/black paint. Going to work on getting that done in the next couple of days. I still haven't figured out my artwork yet. I really liked the Big Bang Pin artwork that Chriz99 did, I reached out to the original artist to potentially change some things up/rework the artwork to make them stand apart, but I wasn't successful.(I never heard anything) I also don't want to spend $500+ dollars on a custom commission piece, so I really don't know where I want to go with the art now (Suggestions anyone? ) Also, should I really wait until I get my artwork back in and apply before I reassemble and start wiring, or is that something that can be done after the fact? Speaking of wiring, I don't have a clue from 2 years ago now. I bought Zebs board - (pics below), shaker motor and gear motor, from Zeb (it has a small board already mounted) and two sets of LED bars.(5 LEDS each, one for the top of the play field, and another to set on the back box) Anyone have any Diagrams for these? Do I need any fuses or Relays for any of this using these boards? I have 8 24V Siemens Contactors I'll be using also - For the two LED bars, I want to say I remember needing to wire these in series(top bar to play field bar) - anyone have any suggestions on the best way to do this? I would like to make a disconnect type option above where the TV slides in for maintenance reasons. I was going to use 20 AWG Stranded hook-up wire, anything wrong with this? I was thinking maybe 6 25' rolls? Will that be enough? Also probably need some blocks to distribute power ect, anyone have a point of reference for just all of the miscellaneous wiring terminal blocks, connectors ect? Also have a real Vishay DMD, transformer, pindmd2 , and dmd Piggyback board to wire up. I have all the crimps I need for the board and connectors, but I'm not sure on how to wire power to the transformer. My "thought" is to just splice the transformer into an existing PC style power cord, with a 5amp fuse (i'm really just guessing, I think I saw this somewhere, will definitely need to do more research before I just go to town on this). I know I have about 10 different questions here! I appreciate any feedback at all!
  11. So its been about 2 years, and bringing this Virtual Pinball Cab back from the dead! Life, school, ect got in the way a couple of years ago, and I never finished my cab. Recently I've been determined to get my cabinet back on track, so here we go! From where I left off, I got the legs mounted, buttons drilled out, back box completed, mounted, Coin Door installed, installed Zeb's plunger today (just drilled and plate, and I mounted my dmd panel along with a piece of plexi that I painted to make a border around the TV. Also installed the PC Component drawer.
  12. If i didn't have a 1/3 finished project I would buy this! Good luck m8!
  13. I would like a copy of this as well, seems to be down again.
  14. What type of power supplies are you using in your cabinet m8? Also have you checked the outlet for what type of power it is producing? Your stroke of bad luck is starting to feel like power issues.
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