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  1. Jhailson

    Daphne and Hyperspin

    Hi All. I am trying to get Dragon's Lair to work outside of Hyperspin first ( I have read the suggested threads on here), but I am having a problem with the ISO; the Daphne app won't find it. I actually purchased the game on Amazon electronically, extracted it, and then made the ISO; I then created a virtual drive and pointed the app to the drive, but is not finding/recognizing it. Any ideas on what I am missing? Thanks
  2. Jhailson

    MAME Disappeared From HyperSpin Wheel

    I was able to fix this, I had to replace the image. Thanks for the helpful replies.
  3. Jhailson

    MAME Disappeared From HyperSpin Wheel

    So after some playing around replacing image files the wheel option is back. However, when I stop on the mame or arcade classics if defaults to NES.
  4. Jhailson

    MAME Disappeared From HyperSpin Wheel

    Thanks for the reply. I looked at the Main Menu.xml, and it is listed, the same as you showed. The last thing I remember doing before it disappeared is, I was coping images etc to folders in hyperspin; Is it possible I may have overwritten or deleted my mame picture for the wheel? Which folder would that be in?
  5. Hi all. I'm very new to this and this is my second time starting from scratch trying to learn HyperSpin. I have/had Mame all set up and running great in hyperspin, then I started messing with trying to add N64 to it and not when I launch HS my Mame is not listed anymore (this is why I started over the first time). The second issue is after I set up the N64, the option is there but none of the games will list out. I am stumped at this point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Jhailson