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  1. Making screenshots with FP worked. But if I use Fraps it only can take it for the primary screen (playfield) and if I use the native Windows 8 key combo (Win+PrintScreen) it takes all the 2 monitors image alltogether and then I need to crop, canvas etc with an image editor (Photoshop). I have at the moment about 240 recreated tables in my database and I still have to add the original ones. Therefore it would be too much work. I also need to rename...
  2. I have to correct myself about the screenshots with O and U, they work randomly, and bad.
  3. That's bad, I only use FP tables. Why then rotating is possible for Hyperpin and not for FPLaunch? Also after installing the last version of FPlaunch the 2001 Popotte 2.0 table doesn't load correctly the table items (works fine if loaded directly in FP without Hyperpin). And the images when exiting a table don't show up. Any idea? (thanks again for your help!)
  4. Thank you, ok for pinemhi and playfield screenshots but backglass screenshots are black (?!) Also I will need to rotate 180° Hyperpin so I set 90° instead of 270° in the settings.ini, everything fine when I tried with the menus in the wheel page except the extra menus added by FPLaunch (inside a table) still show like it is 270°. How do I change it?
  5. I had to disable the compatibility in the Future Pinball.exe file. Now Hyperpin exits without problems, closing also Future Pinball (as it must be). But I still have some issues, first of all I only see the loading images, not for example the countdown ones when closing a table. Another issue I had is that when I put a table in pause Hyperpin gives me an error because it is looking for the fpRAM files in this address: D:\Dean\Games\Emulatori\Future Pinball\fpRAM that is not mine, I had to create all these and put my .fpRAM files there. Other issue is that when I put in pause the background of the table monitor becomes a screenshot of the backglass monitor. I think the programmer meant to do this (in fact I see after exiting Hyperpin that it creates a screenshot of the screen 1 of the last used table, a screen.bmp), the problem is that in my pc the desktop 1 is the backglass monitor and desktop 2 is the table monitor (and for some reason I cannot change the order in the Windows settings). Any idea about how to solve these issues?
  6. I also use Windows 8 and after I installed FPLaunch 1.295 WIP10 Future Pinball doesn't exit properly as it did with the FPLaunch included in the Hyperpin installation. If I change compatibility for Hyperpin.exe I also have a message error in the top side of the screen (it tells no fpram file found) and the table image disappears (only backglass one stays). Any solution on how to setup the settings.ini maybe?
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