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  1. Hello , after some considerabe thought I have decided to buy a virtual pinball cabinet from VPCabs and I have chosen the model (LE-X) and I am left with a unexpected choice. Initially I planned to go for a 42 inch screen but apparently the 39 inch screen fits in a standard size pinball cabinet and is the most sold model. As I am more of a PC guy than a pinball purist, I am left with what screensize to chose. Do I go for the 42 inch or the more standard 39 inch. I can imagine that having a virtual pin the size of a regular pin would loke nice when its part of a pinball room, in a row of tables (all the same size), but mine will be placed in a arcade stye room with a Vewlix (home build) and a traditional candy cab (Sega Blast City) as companion pieces. When looking I notice that most 2012 or 2013 projects involve a 42 inch. I do see myself buying a traditional pinball machine at a later stage but its not high on the priority list. I wanted to ask for some recommendations as I am unable to test wat is best for me given that virtual pinball cabs are nowhere to be found where I live. I considered 46 as too large. What would you recommend? Thanks
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