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  1. Still no joy. I also tried loading it using Retroarch using that FB Alpha 2012 core and it said "Failed to Load Content". I've verified that my bios directory is pointing to my Emulator/Systems folder even though I've put the bios both there and in my ROMS folder (both as a .zip file and I've also extracted its components to that folder). It still just kicks me back to the SNK Neo Geo menu. I've compared against the database and I'm pretty sure I have the right games. That being said, when I run Don's Rom Renamer, it's struggling to match anything even though I'm using the SNK Neo Geo database and if I look at the XML (outside of the renamer) side by side with my games, the names align. Does it not like them in .zip files (even though I see you have zip as one of your extensions)? Or is this an AES vs. MVS thing? SNK Neo Geo.ini
  2. Thanks -- I had already configured the bios folder to be /Hyperspin/System/ in the RA menu... but I kept reading elsewhere that certain bios files needed to be in with the ROMS... so then I just didn't know if there was a pattern or not.
  3. Thanks for the quick and thorough help. I had the bios file in the roms folder already. My settings (outside of ROMS path) mirrored yours... EXCEPT... I didn't have SNK in my locations. I renamed everything (settings file, menu database file, media location, etc.) to match my new SNK Neo Geo location and will give it a whirl shortly. Thanks again!
  4. I recently bought an Nvidia Shield TV and have got Hyperspin and Retroarch working in tandem to power 22 systems. Three have been giving me a bit of a fit. -Magnavox Odyssey 2 -- I go through the wheel, select it... and then I can see the games list. When I select a game, it bounces back to the MO2 games list. I don't get any kind of error warning (i.e. that it can't find the emulator or it can't find the roms). I've tried everything... most recently, extracting the bins from the .zip files. I made sure the settings file is looking for bin files and in the right location (Emulators/Magnavox Odyssey 2/Roms/). -Panasonic 3DO -- like with the MO2 above, I'm using the default Android emulator provided in the settings files I downloaded from this site. I only used one game. I made sure the cue file was calling for the right iso file and they were both named correctly. I tried them in folders... then I read that subfolders don't play nicely with .bin/.cue files, so I put them in the root folder (Emulators/Panasonic 3DO/). That didnt' work either. So I tried nuking the .cue file as somebody said they A) aren't needed and B ) can confuse the system. I can go into the 3DO wheel and select the lone game. When I try to launch it, it just goes back to the 3DO games list (of one) similar to the MO2. -Same for Neo Geo. I've read that there can be confusion with the MVS and AES systems. Is this a bios issue? Are all of these bios issues? I've triple checked that all my paths are correct and the settings files are calling for the correct extensions (without a period). If I put a bios in a folder called /system on my portable drive and tell RA to look in that folder, shouldn't it find it? If so, which ones to use and/or how do I know which naming convention to use / should they be zipped or not zipped, etc.? I've seen some instances where people say the bios files should be in the roms folder, other situations where it should be in the folder with the emulator (but wouldn't that just apply to PC since the android emulators reside on my Nvidia Shield), etc. It's been a somewhat tedious process getting the systems set up, but I've learned a lot about where to look for issues, etc. Thanks for any insight you can provide!