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  1. I have tried all four of them. MME & DirectSound work nicely with HyperSpin but the pa_latency seems to be capped at 0.017 - any lower & the audio does not work properly. WASAPI & WDM-KS have much better pa_latency at 0.00334 & 0.001 but they do not work with HyperSpin (at least on my system). The MME/DirectSound both work with HyperSpin & are better than stock audio settings so this is the way to go for now if you are having issues with WASAPI/WDM-KS in HyperSpin.
  2. I use RocketLauncher & added a some code to the end of the MAME module that would stop then restart the audio service whenever you exited a MAME game. The audio would actually come back on in HyperSpin the first time when closing a MAME game but would not come back if you played then exited another MAME game - so technically no real change.
  3. I am having same issue. MAME .182 with portaudio enabled. Onboard audio (realtek). Win7 x64. If I launch MAME normally, I get audio using either "Windows WASAPI" or "Windows WDM-KS". If I launch MAME in Hyperspin using "Windows WASAPI", I get the same results as OP. If I launch MAME in Hyperspin using "Windows WDM-KS", I get no audio in MAME when launched but I have audio in Hyperspin when I exit MAME.
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