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  1. Hi there, I'm just wondering how much hard drive space Hyperspin takes up with just the Hyperspin core essentials and all emulators? I'm looking for the ballpark figure that does not include ANYTHING that can be stored on a NAS (ie: ROMs, FLVs, artwork, even config files). On a related note, if I'm running a gigabit home network, is there anything related to Hyperspin that I should NOT be put on a NAS because doing so would incur a real performance hit? For instance, if FLVs are on the NAS, do they play choppy in Hyperspin regardless of the gigabit setup? Actually, is it possible to put even the emulators on the NAS (with ROMs, etc.) and just keep the Hyperspin core essentials on the local SSD? Would a gigabit network be fast enough to make the loading of emulators, ROMs, config files, etc. not take an extraordinarily long time? Thanks, Ric.
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