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  1. gabs73

    hyperspin on ANDROID !!!! it works

    Thanks Thatman84 !! it's nice because I spent a crazy time... to find a solution.. I really believe in the potential of this tablet..and the opportunity to enjoy hyperspin on simple android but the challenge it's anticipated the emulation around the X1 when the hack of the switch is coming soon.. hyperspin is the best interface that puts synergy our most beautiful memories...it should not be limited... Here are links that can facilitate recognition the volume of the SD card must be renamed to "sdcard0" on the other hand mounting a device hard disk type C , SD card , HUB OTG , or adaptator OTG : The name can change But mounted with " StickMount " usually the virtual volume is named " usbStorage " just before... here are my first prospositions : but look at the screenshots it can give you another idea /mnt/sdcard/usbStorage/sdcard0/ /mnt/storage/sdcard/usbStorage/sdcard0/ /mnt/usbStorage/sdcard0/ /mnt/sdcard/usbStorage/sdcard0/ thank you Thatman84 for your help it motivates me and gives me the desire to move forward !I hope that will find a solution .... Gabriel
  2. gabs73

    Hyperspin on google pixel C

    as nobody helps me. I do it alone :)
  3. Finally I found how to run Hyperspin on Android other than my shield Nvidia K1 (32bit) ------ google pixel C is not dead!!!!!!!!!-------- And now it's good on Google Pixel C; "android 7.1.1 So yes !! it has a nvidia X1 processor (64 bit) but know what is completely bridle! ... With the same graphics chipset as the "nintendo switch" I spent the day finding the solution to run Hyperspin on this tablet !!!!! After ..I'm going to the same thing on GPD XD and on my S8 .... but here I need help everything only works on the 32 GB of my pxel c all 64 bit compatible games work ...wii.. GAME CUBE.." "The problem is that hyperspin only wants to go to a valid locations " " /storage/--UUID--/Hyperspin","/sdcard/hyperspin" or /storage/sdcard0/Hyperspin" I need to change that !!!! where I can change that... ????? Because it is impossible to have in OTG a shortcut without the O/sdcard//hyperspin" or emulated/sdcard/hyperspin" I even tried with sTICKmOUNT AND usb otg HELPER ....but it's not the solution, The solution is only hyperspin and change directories by default it's the only application in the world or can not do it ??? SVP HELP !!! my video :
  4. gabs73


  5. gabs73

    Hyperspin on google pixel C

    it's me . i use a pixel C (root ) for GLTools with a custom OpenGLES driver . for exemple for a tegra game like Half 2 it's ok Pixel c = K1-64 on android : nintendo Games Cube /WII work . in GL 2 and GL 3 why with fake graphics profile for the tegra 4 Hyperspin don't work ??? HELPPPPPPPPPPPP How we can contact the Hyperspin developper ???