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  1. woosdom

    Best CNC control panel makers??

    Haruman customs
  2. can y'all post some pics of your cabs? would like to see them in action. thanks.
  3. woosdom

    Download Trouble

    may be talking about the hyperspin download. idk.
  4. woosdom

    Download Trouble

    you might have to be a platinum member. or whatever it's called.
  5. woosdom

    Coffee Table / desk cabinet

    i like it. great job. can be used as a desk or pedestal arcade.
  6. woosdom

    Introducing... Arcade Touch Bar v0.2

    let me know if you need any testers
  7. woosdom

    upgrade video card?

    I have a low profile 740 and it works great for all my emus and even arma 3. bought it since it was cheaper then the 750. but if u can, then go for the 50 or higher with a low profile. did you buy a modder system from one of the guys at BYOAC?
  8. woosdom

    Who has this cabinet from Xtension

    I'd like to have them. thanks. do you have pics of your build?
  9. woosdom

    Trackball for Pc Games (need Help)

    what trackball are you using?
  10. woosdom

    Gamestream on Nvidia Shield

    someone had a vid on YouTube doing this. they used xpadder to get the controllers working. got the controller working on pc first and then through game stream. I could never get it working when i tried
  11. woosdom

    How to quickly rename my images to match Roms?

    have you tried fatmatch?
  12. woosdom

    My Hyperspin Arcade Machine

    what size SSD did you go with? did you keep the old 2tb for games and just put Hyperspin on the SSD? just wondering for a future project. nice setup. do you have any videos of it in action?
  13. woosdom

    Need some insight on hardware for new rig.

    have you checked out the reddit/r/PCMasterRace/wiki/builds page for different PC builds.
  14. woosdom

    Mameuifx 0.162 and Mess forAtari 2600

    look for a set that I believe it is called HyperSpin ready Cart Systems.