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  1. Try this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_HRKOR2WHUISk9rQ19KSnBwdmc
  2. Theme and artwork looks great. I'm just wondering if the marquee area looks a bit "off". Too much overhang I think. Maybe leave a little extra on the top/add another angle?
  3. I think it looks great! Going on a cabinet?
  4. Dupont 4pin connectors: The colors might not match up but just make a matching "legend" to mate them so that the wires go to the correct pins on the IO. For example the top wire has Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange. Solder White from the button to blue on the cable, Red on button to green on wire, Green on button to yellow on wire and blue to orange.
  5. I have those same buttons with the ultimate IO. I think Andy's buttons have harnesses that plug right into the IO board, but if you go with different RGB buttons I think you'll need to solder and buy harnesses to fit in the ultimate IO. Andy sells them but they are ridiculously expensive. I bought some generic "dupont" cables.
  6. I would personally remove all the buttons and go with the all in one solution from Andy.
  7. The power button is simply two wires making momentary contact. Just wire them to an external button. Go into Windows to define what your power button does (sleepo, hibernate, etc)
  8. $1400 USD. Crazy. Send one on a boat for me would ya?
  9. Gun games are hard enough to work properly with a gun.
  10. I've heard good things about Soul draw for affordable printing. They are overseas as well.
  11. Holy smokes this thing is gonna be insane! Please keep us updated.
  12. try gigapigs mame build with hlsl/glsl
  13. That, and the I7 is overkill for cocktail games. Could probably get away with a Pentium 3 for pacman.
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