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  1. Jimmi1271

    Controller(Xtension) Configuration Guidance??

    Thanks for the detail around the explanation. My Xtension controller came with the cabinet purchase through RecRoomMasters and, other than indicating that it is preconfigured for MAME and windows navigation (it works fine in both) didn't provide any additional detail. I'm going to give them a ring in the AM for any other detail they can provide, and I'll spend the time to understand the data you provided. Right now it does not work in HS although I can launch games through RL and use it just fine in Mame and to a lesser extent with some of the other emulators. I'm sure it is just going to be a learning process and I'm being impatient about it now that I have everything in the cabinet .... The actual controller is shown below.
  2. Hey folks ... So I got my RecRoomMaster Cabinet in and assembled with the 2 player Xtension Emulator Edition controller board. Up until now I've been testing my build with an inexpensive Logitech controller and mapped via joytokey. The board is supposed to be preconfigured for MAME and Windows, but because I'm also using RetroArch and a few other necessary emulators my preference is to set a configuration through RL globally. Any guidance on where I might find a tutorial, or other guidance on the right way to get this all set up? There seems to be a lot of piecemeal stuff on how to do it but nothing I found that walks me though the right way from beginning to end. Thoughts, help, guidance?? Anyone want to come to MD and I'll buy the beer Thanks in advance .... UPDATE - So I read through the instructions provided when the machine came and while it voids any warranty on the controller they do say that WinIPAC V2 is the recommended software for remapping. Anyone have experience with this? I was actually going to call RRM in the morning to get their recommendations since they have certainly dealt with these type of questions before but I'd still love to see some input from the forum. I'm wondering if I map through RL using WinIPAC will I still have to map individual emulators or should it work through them all that way?
  3. Thank you for taking the time to lay that out. I think I'll actually be able to get that right based on the guidance provided ... and trust me, that's saying something I downloaded the MAME Unified bezel pack and was hoping that it would be as easy as just plugging them into the folders, but between multiple bezels, and the images being backgrounds I was getting mixed results. Sometimes they trim the edge of the game screen, sometimes the bezel popped up but no background so I was seeing the RL UI in the background and I would have to toggle through options to get something to fill the screen. I'm sure down the road I'll figure out how it all ties together and configure properly for it. For right now that I just want to create / use bezels that give game specific art to take up the dark space on a 16:9 screen. Don't get me wrong though, the standardization and art involved is amazing and once I get there I'm sure I'll be grateful for all the work done on them .... just a little beyond me at the moment. Thanks again ...
  4. So now that I've figured out how to make Bezels show up I have a question. I've found what I think are some cool looking bezels designed for specific games over at EmuMovies (Designed by OrionsAngel) but they were done for MAME and not RL (they have a wrap around cabinet look) and the CFG file was done for MAME. Can anyone point me to a stand process for converting the config file so the Bezel can be used within RL? If not, any guidance on how to muddle through it via trial and error would be welcome Cheers ... Jimmi1271
  5. Jimmi1271

    Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    Thank you, this should be an enormous help.
  6. Jimmi1271

    Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    Completed this, and found what I hope is a complete list .... It also added Machines and Databases subdirectories. Thery are all clean, but unsure really how complete they are until I start giving things a try I suppose.
  7. Jimmi1271

    Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    My preference is to set all Bezel's up, regardless of emulator, to load within either RL (or HS if possible) ... essentially trying to adhere to the idea of using RL for function and HS for visuals. I'm running 64bit Win10 and a 32" 16:9 HD screen as the monitor. I hope to find something preconfigured to "plug and play" with the MAME bezels being aligned to the games, the consoles can be more generic (i.e. 1/system) unless I found something that already had the work done per game.
  8. Jimmi1271

    Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    That's what I'm doing now, trying to convert consoles I already have running in dedicated emulators over to RA ... just running into issues with Colecovision right now because it is trying to load mess_libretro.dll, which doesn't exist. I've pulled down both the Multi core and the bluemsx core, which are both supposed to support CV, but no joy so far. I'm going to go watch and watch the RA config YouTube from Simply Austin. Once I have my base systems done (I've already configures wheel and video snips for them all through HyperHQ in HS) I'm planning to move onto figuring out bezels to both get rid of the dark space in the 16x9 screen being used and be able to go back to non stretched resolutions to get visuals looking as correct as possible ..... And don't tell me, I'm just getting started right ??
  9. Jimmi1271

    Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    Absolutely will .... In case you haven't noticed, I'm not shy about asking for help
  10. Jimmi1271

    Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    That makes a lot of sense and I've been playing with RA for a series of different systems over the last day or so ... As long at it provides a good experience in playability and visuals (at least to start) that's the direction I'm inclined to lean. Thanks
  11. Jimmi1271

    Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    I pulled down JoytoKey and set up both global mappings and emulator specific ones using the tool under RL. Right now I just bought an inexpensive pad for testing, but will be mapping to the Xtension TM controller that comes with the cabinet in a couple of weeks. So far it hasn't been too difficult. although a bit quirky here and there. I haven't paid too much attention to it yet even though I'll have to get it flawless for the final cabinet so the kids can use it without yelling for me every 5 minutes. I'm leaning toward retroarch for all non-arcade systems it supports unless I hear compelling arguments otherwise, but I'll keep the other emulators on the system as a backup plan in case of glitches or need for troubleshooting I think. The controller mapping sounds compelling :-) ...
  12. Jimmi1271

    Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    and CI2 ... that PDF, just wow ... that's a lot of organization to pull and maintain ... impressive. If I wasn't having fun figuring all this out I'd just make you an offer to pick up you're entire damn rig and save my marriage ... but nahhhhhhhhh
  13. Jimmi1271

    Opinions on dedciated versus multiple system emulation

    Thanks to each of you for the input. I am using a dedicated version of MAME (latest version as this is a new build) for arcade games and as of right now have a myriad of emulators for NES (Nestopia), Sega systems (KegaFusion), N64 (Project64), SNES (Snes9x), Atari 2600 (Stella), and have the emulators for other content that I haven't set up yet (systems like PlayStation 1 and 2) Gamecube and Wii, 3DO, etc., etc. I'm setting this up via a modern PC with dedicated NVidia graphics chipset and a NAS running mirrored 8TB drives for all the ROMs and Artwork while keeping all the emulators on the primary drive. So since space and power aren't really an issue I'm just digging in to see how nice a build I can put together. I have a feeling it's going to get out of hand soon (already has if you ask my wife) ... I also looked at Mednafen as a unified system but it seems that if I am going to go that direction that RetroArch is doing more in maintaining development and integrating new cores. I guess that once all the media and art are gathered and the directory structure is built it's fairly easy to reconfigure the emulator of choice. I'm not really a purist trying to recreate the original experience, but prefer the best look and playability I can get utilizing a modern 32" HD LCD/LED monitor housed in a professional grade cabinet. Ongoing opinions are welcome. I appreciate all the input I can get. Thx ..... Jimmi
  14. Hey all, A topic I'd like to get some opinions on as I am working through my build. Sorry if it's been covered recently but I didn't find recent relevant posts. I have been building my system thus far with a lot of different emulators, trying to get the best for each based on the research that I am doing. I recently watched Simply Austin's "Best Emulators of 2017" and walked away wondering if I should consolidate and use something like Retroarch for the emulation of multiple systems. Any thoughts? I haven't figured out yet how to use a single emulator for multiple systems and have it represented properly within Hyperspin, but if I go down that path its another topic for another time. Right now I'd like to impose on the forum's expertise to argue this out. .... I ordered the cabinet from RecRoomMasters and have a couple of weeks to get this finalized before I'm looking to put the initial "finished product" (I know, I will never be finished) together for use. Cheers ... Jimmi1271
  15. So, on with my journey. I'm trying to get Stella running under RL for Atari 2600 Emulation and am running into a frustrating error. I've configured the emulator and am able to launch it under the "Emulators" tab so I know my path is mapped correctly. I then go to the games tab and after an audit to make sure I have an accurate games list I highlight a game and request that it open with RL. I then get an error that it's unable to find the emulator executable. Help please ... and thank you (at the rate I'm asking for help as I get through this it's almost time to pay up to support the forum. Already done on EmuMovies to be able to pull all the video and art content) ... Thanks in advance folks ..... UPDATED - So I've found that if I create the default path that the game is requesting at launch and place the emulator in that path that it will launch in RL. Odd, but workable although I'd prefer to figure out why, after I set the emulator and path under emulators and validate that I can launch it why it doesn't transfer over to the games tab, or how to reset it. Is it possibly because there is a config file that is set to that default is read only or something similar that I need to fix? I'm gonna check it out but would still appreciate any input. Cheers ... Jimmi