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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Filters media and roms(if they have the same name as the system) that aren't being used by hyperspin(the name doesnt appear in the database) Usage: 1-Place the script.exe on the safe folder as Main Menu.xml(can be found on Database/Main Menu) or just create a folder with the script.exe and main menu 2-Run the script and insert the base folder and the folder where you want to sent unused media. 3-Done 4-Profit?
  2. That's the thing. I want basically everything lol. Since atari and mame games to wii u/ps2 etc. And that guy that i was going to buy the drives showed me his secret group where he helps alot of ppl and does updates etc
  3. Hi. Thank you for your help. Well yes filling the hard drive is fun but it can get annoying as i may not have all the time in the world avaiable. And yes i understand that you cut the name. But im still thinking if i should buy it or not. I understand thats not worth it but, as i already said, i might not have all the time in the world.
  4. Hi there! Im thinking of making a hyperspin cabinet but i have alot of questions. I want basically everything so im thinkinng of buying a 16tb NAS to store everything. Would i be able to use the nas in different computers? So basically the cabinet would play general games but still having acess to everything and i could play for example wii u on my bedroom. Would a g4560 and a 1050ti hold um majority of the games? Doesnt need to run on max, as this is the system im going to put in a cabinet. Also how much time would it take to basically fill all the 16tb? Like 1 month? I was also thinking of buying pre configured from a guy called **** ***** but i heard he has bad rep. But still i dont wanna waste more than 1 month filling it all up. Thank you guys for your help
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