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  1. Any help appreciated on this. Just annoying as think it’s to a hyperspin setting some where
  2. Thanks giga. Read only preferences sound the way to go. Will check out the module notes Salute
  3. Hi Another niggle: set upmand through RL and in emu runs full screen load it up on Hs and it runs with a window edged? Annoying as looks great in the EMU 😞 Any help from the HS gods greatly appreciated. Hovis
  4. Hi finally rebuilding my old cab and all good apart from a few niggles: when I config ipac controls in to Demul and play all is fine. When i load from hyperspin with RL have no controls. Go back in and it wiped them 😞 i am using demul 5.6, HS1.4 and RL 1.2 I think. Any help from the wise greatly appreciated. Hovis
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