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  1. Hi All on my table the shadow's blue buttons are up and down arrow and I would like to change this to magnasave. I notice on the script that they use the key code under vpmkeys.vbs but there is no code for magnasave so it is not as simple as just changing the key code in the script. Could anyone help with this
  2. Hi all As I was downloading some hp video previews with audio I noticed that some had a separate audio file. Does this mean that I can add my own audio by naming it the same as the video file or is there more to it Thanks
  3. Hi all im having a problem with afm the background volume is much lower than the fx volume I know how to adjust the volume ie end then 8 and 9 to adjust but I have to do it every time I enter the table. Is there any way to save my preferences so I don't have to adjust the volume each time I go back into the table.*
  4. so I was looking at trying to buy cheap but it didn't seem though it was going to work out, I have now bought a pc which is much better than I was originally going to buy (but I still got a good deal), please please tell me it's ok. The specs are: Cool Master Gaming PC Intel Core i7 2.67 x 8 GHZ Processor 6144 MB DDR3 RAM 1000GB Hard Drive ATI Radeon HD4800 1024MB Graphics Card O/s is windows 7 Pro Will this be ok and will the graphics card be ok to run the DMD if I buy a gtx650 to run the playfield and backglass Also will the RAM be ok, if not am happy to purchase and extra 2MB or something. Thanks
  5. Hi Austin and thanks for your comments. I would love to build my own and whilst I cam probably do it as far as the actual build is concerned I hardly understood any of what you've said lol for example I would have no idea how to crank up the processing speed or even what a gpu or mobo is. I really want to build a cab but I'm starting to think that you need to know far too much about the computer side
  6. Or what about this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DELL-QUAD-CORE-GAMING-PC-COMPUTER-WINDOWS-7-NEW-2GB-NVIDIA-640-HD-8GB-RAM-1TB-/231228765106?pt=UK_Computing_DesktopPCs&hash=item35d64ef3b2 maybe coupled with a 610 for the dmd Any good?
  7. So if I ran this pc for hyperpin what gc could I get that would be sufficient for both the pc and a 2 monitor setup or 2 gc's if I went for a 3 monitor setup. thanks
  8. Hi can someone have a quick look at this pc and see if it will be any good for a hyperpin cabinet. I know I will have to couple it with a decent gc, I was thinking a gtx 650. Once I got my cabinet up and running and im happy with it I don't think I will update with further tables or anything so if it will do for what's out at the moment or the next few months I'll be happy. Anyway here is the link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201129632510?redirect=mobile any comments are appreciated
  9. ok thanks, I'm not at that stage yet anyway so I'll just try it and see what happens!
  10. hi all so I recently decided to try and build a cabinet for my games room. I was originally gonna use a 2 monitor setup, however I have a few old TV's laying around so I thought I might as well use them. the tvs I have are a 40" a 19 - 21" and a smaller 14" or 15". So my question is this, to keep costs down can I connect the playfield and backglass to a decent graphics card (which is what I was originally going to do) and then connect the dmd to the original video card in the pc? Although I'm pretty good as a user with computers I'm not very technical so the more simple the answer the better lol. Thanks.
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