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  1. Is anyone doing anything to fix the hypersync log-in problems? IT's been down for days now.
  2. So, hypersync is down again? Anyone knows when it will be back up? I was hoping it would be up again tonight
  3. Wow, how could i not see that, im blind lol :D, thanks
  4. Im trying to do this as well and i cant seem to find where in HQ i set the extensions, when i choose the "rom only" without setting the extensions i see no games at all in the wheel i did this for. Also, setting the rom path is in the "wheel settings" and emulator tab right? Im pretty decent with computers but im new to Hyperspin
  5. My excuses for the initial negativity, i got it all working now and hyperspin is amazing even though there is a slight learning curve. But that's what i got online tutorials for
  6. I cant get hypersync to log into my hyperspin account, no answer to the ticket i submitted and on top of that i cant get HyperHQ to find my roms (ap is not responding when i try to select my rom folder), im starting to have second doubts about paying for this ap.
  7. Hypersync wont let me log in, emu movies does, i submitted a ticket, no answer, i cant get the roms to load properly. Im starting to think it was a mistake to pay for hyperspin
  8. krikon


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