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  1. @thatman84 Thanks for the feedback. I installed the Hyperspin Android base pack, and have two issues: Hyperspin loaded, but there is no video, or transition after the intro video. If I move up or down, and hit the select button, I enter a game menu - but I'm flying blind. I can switch it to single mode - since I'm only installing MAME at this time - but eventually I will add other games. Is there a video missing for the main menu? Sometimes when I select a game in MAME, it will briefly go blank and return back to the game selection. Other times, it will take me to RetroArch settings. I assume this is because the retroarch isn't configured. Is there a comprehensive tutorial for integration with Hyperspin? Thanks again..
  2. Hello Forum, I'm a longtime MAMEr, that I used to just run on my PC - but I just recently downloaded hyperspin, and and the MAME set to run on my shield, and tried to follow this tutorial. I've run into some issue as I'm learning as I go. Hyperspin starts, but there's nothing really going on. My only options are to exit really. So I figured if I can get MAME going, I'll figure the rest out. I've read through all 15 pages of this thread, and I still have a few questions. The instructions say to download and install both Retroarch and Hyperspin, but there's nothing in the tutorial about retroarch configuration. Is that correct? If not, where are the instructions for configuring retroarch? I downloaded the Settings_Android-10May2015 pack. Is this the latest? If I'm only working on MAME right now, what ini files have to be configured? I'm assuming Android and MAME, but maybe settings.ini and main menu.ini as well? The MAME.ini in the Settings_Android-10May2015 pack references mame4droid in the exe= line. Should that be changed to retroarch ( exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture)? Nobody actually specifies which ini file they're editing. They're like 30 of them. This is not that intuitive. Answers to these questions should point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
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