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  1. Awesome Blur - look forward to it, Thanks for your work buddy, Cheers Pinball Buzz:party:
  2. Hi Guys, Just wondering if it would be possible to also include the modded fplaunch that is need to run Rosve`s em active backglasses. At the moment i have 2 fp launches - the one needed to play Rosve`s backglasses through Hyperpin, and the other one which specifies which version of vp to use ? At the moment I can use one or the other. Cheers Buzz
  3. Here`s my cab build thread over at VP Forum - Originally all my cab stuff was at the old FP Forum site, but it got wiped - my cab is 3 years old in May next year. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=765 My link to my cab build pictures is in my signature also. Cheers Buzz
  4. That is one awesome pinball cab you have put together. Congrats and well done, Cheers Buzz
  5. Hi Billpa, Another Junk Yard fan !! Here`s a good junk yard link, http://www.oscarvandriel.nl/pictures.html Cheers Buzz PS Sorry for hi jacking your thread ocdcsv.
  6. Thanks for the update UW. Could i ask for Williams Junkyard to go on the possible tables list ?? It`s got a vp8 version but is in need of an update for full screen cab style - the version available was by White Tiger if memory serves me right. A real fun table - great sounds. Cheers Buzz
  7. Well guys, time for my couple of cents. Thanks Bill for all your hard work on this new project of yours, and to the team of people who keep giving us the great tables that make this site the premier one for pinball cabinet software. I don`t have the skills with software like some of the wizards here, but I do like to share my experiences and give encouragement to the newbies out there. The community feeling here is great, and is a credit to all of us who have been here from the start. People have to work within rules, otherwise the community suffers as a whole. Anyway................ Back on topic, installed Monopoly, the graphics quality is awesome, but get the ball trail problem - thats with 8gb ram, nvidia gtx260, and a quad core intel cpu, running tiny Vista gamers edition. Hopefully Bill`s tweaks will sort this out Cheers Buzz Remember - Keep da ball rolling
  8. Just wanted to say thanks again for the donation!

  9. Sounds good Guys, I have recently loaded VP into my cab, (thanks Uncle Willy), not using the span option, impossible to work with using HDMI cables etc, so the option to use playfield screen with HP doing the work to display the backbox art is great. This is going to be one great peice of software Cheers Buzz
  10. Hi Bill, Nice to see things moving along - just wondering if it will be possible to alter the defualt user keys that have been set up, so that we will be able to use existing button settings in cabs. Quote "your defaults will be left shift or right shift to navigate the wheel. And "z" and "/" for letter jumping. Enter starts a game and Escape exits the FE (can be optionally turned off)." Cheers Buzz
  11. Good points guys - as a pinball sim enthusiast, I would agree that if we could get the best of both FP and VP, for the time being, this isn`t going to happen, but who knows for the future ?? As for cabinets, I was originally given the great peice of advice - pick your monitors, then build your cab around the playfield monitor dimensions - it saves alot of hassle trying to modify a widebody cab that will cost an arm and a leg. For my build this was the route I took - using 3/4 inch plywood for the cab. If bought from diy shops or builders merchants, not a bad price. Just want to say a big thanks to Circo for all your hard work on the preview vids - saw that you have done 50 so far - great job, will you be doing some more for the other releases ?? Just a few thoughts, Buzz
  12. Thanks Dazz for the info, 2 reasons against the plunger, firstly the interior of the cab, where the plunger would need space was blocked by the back of the tv screen, secondly, I really liked the large rectangular illuminated buttons for insert coin, start game, and fire ball. Bit like the plunge ball button on some of the modern machines. Cheers Buzz
  13. Hi Bill, Started the build Mid May 2008 - finished the main build, with just the cosmetics to finish off by sometime in June - although I did have a few 8hour solid days included in that If you check out my posts over at FP, look in my signature for a link to my build pictures - any questions only too glad to help. Is there a link up yet for the Hyperpin front end package ?? Had a look in download section but couldn`t find it. Cheers Buz
  14. Great work Bill, This will have to go onto my cab ASAP. If this doesn`t get people into FP, I don`t know what will All the best Buzz Here`s my FP Cab
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