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  1. I found the problem ! Rocketlauncher is set to read the roms from folder Hyperspin/roms/mame. Somehow if the roms aren't located into the folder of mame/roms. It wont read in hyperspin. I moved all my roms from HS folder rom into Mame folder rom and it works now. I still dont understand why though.. on the screenshot below, It clearly shows the rom path in emulator tab : Hyperspin/Roms/mame in RL
  2. Unfortunately, I cannot find the issue. Today, I have tried to replace the game with a different version which cause the exact same problem. The game tries to launch. But instantly comes back to HS. Very quickly, A screen "initializing" appears for .5 seconds.
  3. I have been experiencing issues with hyperspin and a few Mame games from my list. I always take the habid to test the Rom on Mame first and see if its missing files and fully functional. Then I test the rom in RL, making sure the name matches and see if it launches properly from there. After it passes the RL test, I launch Hyperspin and run the game. The problem is when I launch the game from hyperspin, I see it loading quickly through mame but it stops all a sudden and doesn't go any further. It stay's in hyperspin. I have about 30games in the list and 8 of them causes this issue. The other games works flawlessly. And all the 30games works outside of hyperspin (RL and Mame) They uses Video and Themes which are named correctly according to the rom name. So everything is tied together correctly. Since other games are working and only those titles give me trouble, Im not sure what to do anymore. I have look everywhere to find a cause with no luck Anyone can help ? Would gladly appreciate to know where to look. ps: My games list is quite short so I set the gamewheel to show only games with game theme. **UPDATE** I Have mess around with HyperLaunch and I found something interesting. I have 3 different Mame version -Mame 0.212b -Mame 0.231 -Mame 0.242 In HyperLaunch, system name/Emulator was originally set to 0.212b which reads 22 out of 33 in Hyperspin I have tried the other 2 versions which only launches a few games and the other emulator launches 1 game (mutan ninja turtles in time) in HS. Im suprised that the newer versions barely works with the roms I have. - The other thing is , RocketLauncher newest version comes with a bad .ahk modules for mame. It wont work with anygames. Somehow, Still show green in rocketlauncher/modules . I have download the mame 212 .ahk modules and replaced the old one. Now show red with a invalid CrC but makes 22 of my games work out of 33 Everything works outside hyperspin so the roms arent bad or corrupted. Still cant figure out...
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