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  1. Haha! My brother made the wooden Chicago flag after he saw something similar at a bar. It's perfect above the arcade. Always loved the flag
  2. Honosuseri you know your stuff! I was toying with if I should upgrade the RAM (currently 8gb) to 16gb but definitely leaning doing the video card first. Thought it'd be cool to setup PinballFX on this but it definitely struggled to keep up with the current setup. What's your favorite game that's more intensive? The newer Mortal Kombat and Street Fighters?
  3. Just wanted to finish this one out. I've got a Compaq 8200 SFF and just replaced the HDD boot drive with an SDD and wow that definitely fixed it. Windows starts and I can be playing a game within 14 seconds of pressing the computer power button. Sorry I blamed rocketlauncher and MAME! It's a great day!
  4. Thanks cataclysm67. I saw a few threads on this kind of info which brought me here! Unfortunately Honosuseri is right that I have Windows 7. I'll keep looking for a workaround for this one
  5. I agree adamg! I could definitely get higher end for under $100 and a few hours of research and work but the 20 seconds just doesn't bother me that much to turn the computer on and let it sit for a few minutes to fix it. If games had issues running this would be and entirely different discussion though. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some setting in rocketlauncher like bezels slowing it down or something (I only use MAME bezels). This is my first cabinet I made a year ago and have loved it. Gotta convince the wife for an upright cabinet with a gun and a wheel for the next one!
  6. Looking back I should have done more research than settling on the low end PC. At the end of the day I mainly use it for Ms Pacman and Metal Slug but it's fast enough to run NFL Blitz and some simple PC games (Celeste, Pacman Championship, Cuphead, nothing crazy). It's a 3-sided cocktail table so it works great for this setup. This is actually the first time I've thought maybe the computer isn't fast enough. Had to adjust a few games throttle in MAME but nothing on retroarch or steam. I've done some research on if the PC will boot on an SSD but doesn't look promising right now. I'll definitely try the hibernate suggestion. I hide all of the windows startup images and just see my custom arcade background with the spinning Pacman as a mouse while it finishes starting hyperspin right now and love it. For now I'll probably eat the 20 seconds, see if I can take out some windows services out of the picture, maybe upgrade from 8 to 16gb of ram. So far the standard video card is doing a great job too but that could definitely be upgraded down the road! I've got two work PC with SSD as the boot and HDD as storage and love them. SSD is really starting to get so affordable.
  7. Wow this was a huge help. I’ve always blamed Mame or rocketlauncher to be honest for this. I let the computer sit for 5 minutes and Mame started right up. In the past I would start the computer scroll through the games and pick one and it’d take a long time. Now it seems to be narrowed to the windows startup. I really don’t have windows start any programs other than hyperspin right on the open. My computer isn’t great it’s a HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF PC Intel Core i5 3.3GHz 8GB RAM 500GB HDD Windows 7 Pro. Again thanks for the help. Narrowing the cause is the main trouble. Of course as I restarted several times my monitor decided to lose its typical rgb settings so I had to fix that back. Always something to work on! Thanks for the quick help!
  8. I use rocketlauncher to start mame64 games in hyperspin but the first game on a fresh windows startup takes 20 seconds to start. After closing this game the next game will open almost immediately. I know others have asked this question but I can’t find a solution. I have no anti-virus running, no windows defender, no rocketlauncher fades or bezels. I updated the mame64 version to the 209 no nag from 197 no nag with no change. Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated!!
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