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  1. It's hard work I know, check this thread...although stuff on the FTP server seems to get deleted/moved. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?17074-Sharing-Amstrad-CPC-XML-Theme-amp-Art-(unofficial)
  2. Glad to hear it worked. Did if give you an error when you said yes to created the HS xml file?
  3. Ok. Will let you know about the vids. Djvj added it to modules where? Also, can't find any reference to it in Git
  4. Oh. And I wanted to +1 CPCE. Looks brill on my CRT @ 384x288 progressive goodness!
  5. Well if it's in Git, the search tools don't bring up anything. Can't someone just post a link to the repo?
  6. OK. So I found this module on google code emu v1.94 ahk v2.0.1 is that the most current version? General where are the modules stored?
  7. Hi horseyhorsey. I know you are an Amstrad enthusiast as have seen you in almost every Amstrad post! Thanks for the info about CPCE trying it out now and seems to be working great! Did you still have the CPCE ahk? I found an old thread that says find it on GIT but it's not there? Thanks!
  8. Someone has mentioned copyright so I have included this statement from the Server owner: ******************************************************************************* * IMPORTANT NOTE CONCERNING COPYRIGHT OF CPC SOFTWARE IN FTP.NVG.NTNU.NO * ******************************************************************************* Some of the software found in the directory hierarchy under pub/cpc/ is copyrighted. When known, the copyright owner/author is always shown in the 00_index_full.txt file. The intent of this software collection is not to make any money at all. It is not to prevent the copyright owners from receiving extra money either. To my knowledge, none of this software is commercially available now. I believe that most copyright owners are either pleased or do not care about having their software included here. However, if you are one of the copyright owners (or can speak on behalf of one) and you do not want your software available here, please e-mail me and the software will be removed from the site. Nicholas Campbell (nich <AT> durge <DOT> org)
  9. It's just designed to work with Amstrad CPC at the moment but I believe the server has Spectrum games too so it could be modified for them also. In fact it could be modified to to download from any FTP server. The source code is available in the link in the first post.
  10. Great! Another straggler like me. Be keen to know how you get on!
  11. BTW this is the module I used. Slightly modified one I found here in the forums. Which supports ZIP->DSK format. MEmu = WinAPE MEmuV = v2.0.a18 MURL = http://www.winape.net/ MSystem = "Amstrad CPC" ; WinAPE v2.0 Alpha 18 ; by djvj ; 1.0 ; ; Notes: ; You cannot pass a game name to the emu through CLI, but the emu will autolaunch the game set in its ini file. ; Run the exe manually and goto Settings->General, check "Disable Automatic Update" ; On the Display tab, check "Hide Control Panel", "Hide Menus" and "No Right-Click Menu". "Linear Palette" will slightly darken image if you enable it. ; On the Sound tab, check "44 kHz" and "16 bit". ; On the Input tab, set your controls and hit OK. ; Press F10 to turn on fullscreen then ALT+F4 to exit and save your settings. ; Roms should be zipped ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- StartModule() FadeInStart() IniWrite, %romPath%\%romname%%RomExtension%\:%romname%.dsk, %emuPath%\WinAPE.ini, Drives, Drive(0) Run(executable . " """ . romPath . "\" . romName . romExtension . """ /A", emuPath) WinWait("ahk_class TfrmCover") ; waiting for logo to show WinHide, ahk_class TfrmCover ; making logo dissappear! WinWait("Windows Amstrad Plus Emulator ahk_class TfrmEmu") WinWaitActive("Windows Amstrad Plus Emulator ahk_class TfrmEmu") FadeInExit() Process("WaitClose",executable) FadeOutExit() ExitModule() CloseProcess: FadeOutStart() WinClose("ahk_class WineAPE-CPC") Return
  12. Hi all. While sorting out the AMSTRAD Emu for my cab. I came across a public FTP server with 3700+ CPC roms. So I created a tool to download them all and generate a database XML file to run in HS. Thought I would share it with you guys. Here is a summary: Cpceek (Supposed to sound like Cp-seek) Tool for downloading Amstrad CPC game ROMs from QUOI DE NOUVEAU SUR FTP.NVG.NTNU.NO thanks to Nicolas Campbell for make his server freely available. What does this tool do? 1. Downloads 'whatsnew.txt'. This file has the latest news about updates on the FTP server. 2. Downloads '00_index_full.txt' (contains detailed ROM info and more) and generates a list of ROMs to download. 3. Only downloads ROMs you don't have or where the file size differs. 4. Generates a XML game info list based on the info found in the CPC index file. 5. Generates a Hyperspin database file (XML list) for all ROMs you have downloaded. Usage Install .NET 4.0 if you don't already have it (you should do as RocketLauncher.0 uses it I think) Set the 'RomsPath' in the Cpceek.exe.config file. Run Cpceek.exe NOTE: You can close the tool at any time without the worry of a incomplete download etc as the tool checks if the file has fully downloaded and will download again if need be. Download here: https://github.com/WalkToFreedom/Cpceek/blob/5369387086ed9cc403a0868c2941386fb9c1cee5/Cpceek/bin/Release/Cpceekv1000.zip?raw=true Or get the source code here: https://github.com/WalkToFreedom/Cpceek
  13. Hi. Thanks for the info. I just found out about GroovyMAME definately going to give it a try. I have an ArcadeVGA which has win7 drivers. I found this thread in the GroovyMAME forum. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,133610.msg1379963.html#msg1379963 Calamity says: "GroovyMAME + video d3d + frame_delay is as good as using ddraw (in terms of pixel accuracy, and low input lag), but with much better performance when it comes to scaling. Only possible drawback may be tearing on high resolution modes (this is due to frame_delay)." Sounds like it's a working solution with a compromises as you say.
  14. I'm curious to know if there is a working solution to the Windows 7 ddraw switch res bug? These three posts describe the problem: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?9125-Possible-soultion-to-windows-7-native-res-issue-but-need-help-with-hyperlaunch!&highlight=switch+game+resolution http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?30899-Arcade-resolutions-windows-7&highlight=arcadevgares http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?23377-ArcadeVGA-resolution-switching-issues&highlight=switch+game+resolution In the first link post #6 by aupton most accurately describes my problem. Thanks!
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