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  1. Hello, I installed 2 coin selectors one for 20 €ct one for 50 €ct. I want to give 1 credit for 20ct and 3 credits for 50ct. How can I set HS or at least Arcade Classics up to take coins in both selectors with different credits? Credits should count for player one and two. But we can limit us to one player mode too. I just use the coin selectors when we have a party. Players then pay per play. We agree on two games to be played and the persons with the highes scores get half the income as a prize. It is fun and the kids try to beat each others highscore.
  2. I put two coin slectors (from hollandcomputers.com) in my arcade. HS Arcade Classics uses those slots. It is fun when we have a party. 25ct a game. Whoever has the highscore on pac-man and centipede get half each of all coins. I just wish I could program HS or Arcade classics that slot one is 1 game per 10ct coin and slot 2 is 3 games per 25ct coin.
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