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  1. Hi all... couple questions... I love the look of the p2k... so thats what I am going with... Should I do a 46" playfield... will i be unhappy if i only go 40... It doesnt matter to me about what they ARE SUPPOSED to look like. lol I see I dont need a 2nd video card if I go with dmd... Good idea? I plan to do some research and might just pay someone to do a sidewinder mod for me... I hear the nanotech blows... Thanx for all ur help... more to come
  2. Great start my friend and welcome to the club.
  3. yeah.... that's what i meant... i suck at typing out my thoughts... downloading now...
  4. Nice... never used this, but I assume you need this to make the Hi score work in HS. Where do I get this great little app and is there a tutorial to make it work... thanx
  5. hey there... saw your avatar and was wondering if you saw my cab.... right up your alley.



  6. damn... just saw this message... Cool...

  7. Hey man, hello there. Just noticed your birthday is a scant 7 days before mine. Same year. Just plain funny.

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