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  1. Worse off . lol.. no way.. its better... Wait,... Whats MESS... omg I have been gone for a long time. BTW.. Every thing works for what I need.. When people come over I just want it to run smooth like it use to
  2. Firebat138


  3. EDit... Well not an edit. lol I just changed the setting from Hyperlaunch to Normal. I am really only using it to play mame and dont have all the other emulators and files installed anymore.. I just got tired of using regular mame to launch games. lol I have been out of the scene for a long time, but now im back. I appreciate all your help and if Rocket Launcher is the new thing, im in
  4. oh ok, nope, I downloaded HS about 12 years ago lol. Couple months ago I got the latest version and nothing works.. I mean it launches games and etc and then does that... Weird... I didnt wanna have to set up something new I havent played with before... but no worries... But I see I cant even run the latest version because of an update or something ? I love HS so im here for the long haul lol Any links to remedy this would be great... I dont mind trying Rocket Launcher
  5. ohhh ok, im not using Rocket Launcher, just hyperspin.. what the advantage
  6. When I start HS, I can choose a system and then a game.. play... etc... escape... then... I cant choose another game at all.. hit enter or in my case Player 1 button.. nothing... keyboard, joys etc.. same result... Exit HS, then its fine. Anyone ever see this? Thanx in advance guys. Cheers
  7. yeah.... that's what i meant... i suck at typing out my thoughts... downloading now...
  8. Nice... never used this, but I assume you need this to make the Hi score work in HS. Where do I get this great little app and is there a tutorial to make it work... thanx
  9. hey there... saw your avatar and was wondering if you saw my cab.... right up your alley.



  10. damn... just saw this message... Cool...

  11. Hey man, hello there. Just noticed your birthday is a scant 7 days before mine. Same year. Just plain funny.

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