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  1. I've been attempting to compile Top 25 Rom lists for each of the main systems. I know that "rankings" are subjective and are all over the place. What I'm really interested in is "should play games" and less about the order. Again I know this is subjective. I'm hoping to have an external list (like from IGN or Games Radar). Does anyone follow a site that has lists for most/all systems? I'm having trouble finding them. Also, does anyone know if the Hyperspin community ever compiled this or even has interest in it? I can't seem to find it (maybe that's a hint). Just thought it's a fun topic.
  2. It definitely isn't "necessary" but does it make life easier? I would say yes. In addition, as the community expands, you get tutorials that make life infinitely easier. I used the tutorials on Simply Austin's channel (YouTube). That said, getting admin to help you out is a pretty great offer!
  3. I have an arcade system built (with a frankenpanel) and I recently built a "console case" (in a Silverstone ML08-H case). I'm looking to split the two concepts and crossover where possible/practical. That means I am going through all the ROMs and seeing whether I can play it on the arcade, console, or both. I'm also going through and seeing whether I want to include it (for example, why add an Atari version if you have the arcade version) because I would like to eventually put it all on a SSD drive when prices come down a bit and space is at a premium (I know the ROMs are small but the art associated is a factor as well). Finally, I've been going through and ranking the ROMs (Top 25 + Honorable Mention) for each system using online rankings (eg IGN, Games Radar, etc.) and then a column for my own rankings. If anyone is interested in helping me get through the lists (using Excel/Google Sheets), I'd be happy to work with someone and post this information later.
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