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  1. I can download it as well. Here's a video of it in action to save you the click if it's not your thing:
  2. Oh yeah I forgot to say that the images go in your Hyperspin\Media\[MAME]\Images\Letters folder. I guess [MAME] could be substituted for any emulator but I'm only running MAME on my arcade cab.
  3. Well... I just spent the better part of the day making 27 separate .png files for lettering. Was really easy once I figured out what I wanted. Getting the first letter just right is what took the most time. I quickly realized that the regular lettering as it would appear in Word was not going to cut it. I installed the .tff file on my PC, opened Inkscape, clicked the "font" icon (the "A"), selected "Data 70" from the drop-down and then typed one letter in 144 size font. Then click back to the arrow which will highlight the entire letter as one object, click Edit - "Resize Page to Selection". Then click Object - "Fill and Stroke" and messed with it until I was happy. I wanted black letters with white border. To achieve this, in the Fill and Stroke menu I clicked "Fill" - "Flat Color" - RGB - 0/0/0 (this is black) for the 3 values. Then click "Stroke Paint" - RGB - 255/255/255 for the three values (this is white). Then click "Stroke Style" and change "Width" to "6.0 px" (this sets the thickness of the white border). You can do whatever you want - add shadows, etc. - but make sure you apply the same settings to each letter or it won't look right. I suck at Inkscape so I kept it simple. Then click File - "Export PNG image" and save the file somewhere. You have to name it "a.png" for the letter A and so on. Do this 26 times plus once more for numbers (save this as 1.png unless you want to do all 10 integers). Easy...ish. My files are attached if anyone cares. This looks way better than the stock font and matches the font on my CP and front end menu screen. Data70.rar
  4. Is this possible? I want to turn "Data 70" font into a letter pack for searching through my game list. I think I know how to change the standard letters with custom packs I've seen floating around but not sure how to make my own. Thanks!
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