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  1. The plugin was maybe an unrelated oversight on my part. It doesn't appear to change on it's own. Ok. So when I change the default plugin and frontend on the RL:UI program, it changes on the .ini. And yet, still it insists on changing it back when I restart computer, and apparently also when I try to launch a file that won't launch. Like I'm breaking it and 'forcing' it to second guess me or something when I try to load what I'm not supposed to or something (having unrelated problems with certain Satellaview games, and Gamecube in general).
  2. Ok. I'm new at this. Basically, when I initially set up Rocket Launcher I set Hyperspin.exe as my Default Frontend Path in Rocket Launcher. I opened Hyperspin, and opened games and all was well. Few hours later I turn off PC, go to bed. Next day, I come home boot up PC, run Hyperspin and get error message about RetroArch. See first attached pic. I look at my global setting and see that RocketLauncherUI.exe is set as my Default Frontend Path, see 2nd pic. I change it back to Hyperspin.exe and all is again well, games are launching. Next day, boot up PC. Same thing. Why is it forgetting my settings when I turn off the PC? Is there a 'Save Settings' or 'And I mean it this time!' button I'm not seeing and need to click? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
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