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  1. Well, as I said above, the issues relating to my inability to programme my finished panel were my own fault, Andy from Ultimarc pointed out the programming issues may just be related to permissions, and sure enough, as soon as I ran the software as admin, it then allowed me to programme my panel. I realize the problems I have are related to Hyperspin. The key depressions in the Passmark keyboard test all show up and are precisely the same as in the WinIpac software. What I don't get is when you boot Hyperspin, there are the default settings, yes I know they can be changed, but immediately the FE boots up, the user then needs the controller to take over and the controller settings conflict with the HS settings, I can't align the two because there are insufficient spaces in the HS settings to equate to those on the controller. So how does everyone else running HS get over this, what are their settings in HyperHQ?
  2. Sorry rdhanded2, I'm not sure what you mean when you say try another USB port, the controller is a PS2 version, or have I misunderstood you? I got a reply from Ultimarc, pretty much saying that as all the key depressions were recorded in the Passmark keyboard test, it rather looks like it's a software issue and that from what I told him, it seems all the wiring and the controller are performing as they should, he suggests the problem lies in the settings within Hyperspin, OK but I have asked him to explain why I can't programme the controller because I keep getting the response 'Can't open the driver' when I use the WinIpac software. I understand that I need to keep in mind I'm dealing with a keyboard essentially, at the end of the day. But when you look at the controls settings in Hyper HQ, whether keyboard or joystick, it's difficult to equate the 16 potential connections on the Ipac player 1 side of the board for example, with the number of places in the set up in HyperHQ, there just isn't room to set RLUD, 6 switch settings, P1start, P1coin and P1AB in the space allowed for in the set up? But someone must have their cabinet set up and satisfactorily running Hyperspin.
  3. I downloaded the Passmark software, because this is Ultimarc's recommended software to determine the keystrokes on the cabinet, I ran the software and sure enough, it gave a response to all depressions from the panel on the cabinet. However, when I relay those over to the panel designer, it seemingly accepts all the inputs, asking me to press enter after each input, but that's it. When I try to programme the panel, it again says 'Can't open the driver'. Maybe this is related to the issues in the PC's bios in disabling the USB keyboard support, I scanned the bios and the nearest I could see was 'onchip usb controller' and 'onchip usb kbc controller' whether enabled or disabled, it made no difference, it still wouldn't allow me to programme the panel I had designed. The only other reference to the panel not being programmable, is to stuck keys, I take that to mean the the wires are not connected properly at the micro switches, ie, to the top connectors, but that doesn't apply either. So I have sent off a note to Andy asking if he can help.
  4. I did as you suggested, but no luck, after designing a panel to replicate my own, the response was that the software couldn't open the drivers. So, looking further on Ultimarc's website, it looks like the problem occurs because when using a PS2 version of the controller, you need to go into the PC's bios and ensure that the 'USB keyboard support, or Legacy USB support' is disabled, otherwise it will not programme. Also, I now realize that using notepad isn't a reliable source to determine key depressions because certain keys mapped on the 1P side don't show up, those such as Alt & Ctrl, although those on the P2 side do show up. To remedy this Ultimarc recommends using the Passmark keyboard test, so I have downloaded this too, I'll put it together later as see if that helps.
  5. Well, as I understand it, the Ipac controller defaults to settings compatible with those set in mame, so literally, all I did was to wire each terminal to the corresponding point on the Ipac. But as you say, it may well be a programming issue, I'll give your suggestion a go rdhanded2, thanks.
  6. No, I didn't edit anything, I just connected all the wiring, and as the ipac has defaults, I left it there. I know what you mean about setting up in HyperHQ, but the defaults are mame compatible, so as it's set up precisely as the controller should be, I can't figure out why it wouldn't work. I bought the Ipac brand new, so I can't see why anything should differ from the default settings. I did add some more wiring, including new GND to the new buttons, and a couple of places I altered bits, but really only put back what was already there, and as I say, everything responds correctly when I test with the MM. The other odd thing is why no response to key depressions when using notepad?
  7. Anyone any ideas what's happening here? I installed an iPac controller, in a cabinet PS2 version, when I came to boot up, only the P1 joystick UP/DN actually worked, all I could do was to spin the Hyperspin menu up and down, but the other switches etc, don't work. The cabinet is set up for 2 players, with 6 buttons each, there are also a few more buttons, 2 either side (pinball) and 4 along the front fascia above the control panel and 2 more on the front panel itself. I changed 5 of the original buttons for illuminated one's and I used another surplus button to control the PC booting on and off. I have checked and double checked with a multimeter every switch, joysticks and every GND connection for continuity, all check out as they should. In notepad, all the P2 buttons register a symbol, but not the P1 buttons, similarly, the P2 joystick registers in notepad but not P1. All the illuminated buttons are powered from a spare molex, they're OK insofar as the illumination is concerned and the start up button wired to the PC, works fine too. So although all the wires are correctly connected to their respective positions on the controller, just about nothing works - what am I missing?
  8. Thanks blacketj, and while I see what you mean about the connector in the link, when I copied it over to the browser bar in Amazon here in the UK, it didn't really have a similar product, but that's OK because as I said, I have actually disabled the micro switch on the front of the PC case and disconnected the two wires attached to it, my simple approach here being - that is the switch ordinarily, so transfer the two wires up to a spare button in the cabinet, and that should suffice. Consequently, I have two wires in the PC case which I'll extend up to the button, connect one to the NO and the other to the GND and hopefully that'll do the trick.
  9. OK, thanks fella's, not too sure what the cable in the picture does gazsnk, but looking at the video, and taking note of blacketj's comments, if I understand you correctly, on the PC, the power button simply operates a micro switch to power up. I have removed the two wires, green and white, and whilst I understand what you say gazsnk about only one button being necessary, do I wire it up to one of the existing spare buttons in the cabinet, because as you know, they have 3 terminals, whereas, the one in the video just has two, in other words, do I just need to get another type of button?
  10. If I might crave your indulgence please, I'd really appreciate yet more advice. I am in the process of wiring an iPac Encoder in a cabinet, all the buttons are mapped out OK except as follows. On the Encoder, I have two points marked !A & !B, and similarly on the other side, 2A & 2B. On the cabinet I have four buttons as yet unused. Two are on the front panel, to the right hand side and sited below the monitor, and these are quite close together. The other two are on the side panels (where you'd have flippers, were it a pinball). The two on the side I'd like to set up in Hyperspin so that they boot up and shut down the cabinet. I'm not asking how to shell windows etc, and I know I can shut down the cab from within the HS settings, but I just wanted to know whether it mattered which switch I wired to which point on the encoder?
  11. Many thanks LoKo498, I really appreciate you taking the trouble
  12. Does anyone know whether its an easy task to set the coin slot on an arcade cabinet, to free play? The inside of the door has HI-09UCS and 500 written in a small white block. When I open the door, the part where the coin drops through first, opens up 90 degrees and on the side there are 4 compass points where you can insert a small screwdriver, apart from which, if that's where I need to change the priority, I can't see any other point there that can be adjusted, I have tried all 4 different positions, so it doesn't seem it's a simple case of turning that each time. I'm sure it can be set to free play, but I can't remember what was said when I got it.
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