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  1. I am using HyperSpin 1.5.1. By default, I want all of the games hidden and I would like to turn on the ones that I like one by one. I went in MAME.xml and did a find of "<enabled>Yes</enabled>" and replaced with "<enabled>No</enabled>", then I picked a few games and switched the text back to "<enabled>Yes</enabled>". When I open the MAME wheel, I still see every single game. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to check to respect the MAME.XML file? Also, if I "Begin Sync" in HyperSync, is it going to download every single file? Thanks
  2. I did pre-solder the wire. I'm not sure how you pre-solder the tab of the LED, do you just drip a glob of solder on it an let it harden? Seems like it would overlap to another tab too easily.
  3. I soldered everything on there, but is seems very shady. Even putting moderate pressure on the wires snaps them off. Soldering them back on a second time is a lot trickier than the first time, they don't seem to want to stick. I went to a lower gauge wire and that helped a bit, but I'm still worried with how delicate the connections are. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Cool, thanks. That just seems so sloppy. Not the soldering work in the pic, just the setup itself. I guess you can't see it with a cap on top, but I know what is under there!
  5. I am using your parts list for my lighting. How in the world do you connect wires to the Cree LEDs? You don't solder them do you? It seems like there should be another piece with a ring around it with better connection points.
  6. Windows numbers your monitors in the order it detects them. The only way to change the numbering it to change the cabling. Windows detects displays in this order DVI>VGA>HDMI. It took me forever to figure that out. I ended up having to change monitor cable types. If you are using cables of the same type, but they are in the wrong order, just change the ports they are plugged into on the video card.
  7. Thank you so much for the parts list and links in the first post. I noticed you spent over $100 with shipping on the 24v power supply. Was it worth it? Why did you pick that one? Thanks
  8. Awesome, thanks, but all out of stock!
  9. I'm already loving it and there are two new tables out today. I can't wait to check them out. They would be incredible to have in my cab. I've been regularly asking for the cab version on their Facebook page too.
  10. Does anyone know where do get the Vishay DMD's now, preferably in the US? I found them previously at Future Electronics, but they don't show up anymore.
  11. I'm a gold member also and would love access to the FTP server as soon as you get a chance. When I saw the previews on YouTube, i was sold. I came and donated before even testing the software out. I'm really anxious to get started with all the themes and can't wait to drop Mala.


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