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  1. ....not sure what that is so im gonna say no...
  2. So when I enter HS MAME wheel it works fine. I pick a game and play. When I exit it goes immediately right back to the wheel, however for about 5 seconds I cant move the wheel. Im using ultrastic 360s with the corresponding rocketlauncher script. Is there a delay that I can adjust in some ini file? Thanks!
  3. okay...so is it time to start looking for another FE? I mean a lot of us have paid in for access - Shouldn't that go to improvements and completion of the software?
  4. Thats what I was getting at....are they FIXING the problem? You would think this would be a priority being a "feature" of the product.
  5. Is there any plans of it to be fixed? If not they should be removed as options.
  6. Okay .......Then why were the functions created ....if they cant be enabled?
  7. Im sure this has been an issue already but I cant seem to find a solution. I just bought a spintrak and it works GREAT in MAME! Id like it to control the wheel as well as the joysticks. When I "tick it" in HyperHQ it works fine when moving in wither direction, but when I stop it just keeps moving the wheel in the "up " direction about 2 moves per second. The only other controls im using are Ultimarc USB joysticks and the keyboard. Any Ideas?
  8. I know there are a couple threads going for HLSL in .174 now - I was just wondering if anyone has perfected the look for vector games? Please post your settings and pics. Thanks!!
  9. So - hows this progressing? Any screenshots with the latest MAME build?
  10. So where are we at this point with the "generally approved" HLSL settings? I took a couple months off my cab but now im ready to try again - I just cant seem to get my pic close to whats been posted here. Id like a baseline to start from. Also some clarity of exactly WHAT to change for WHAT effect. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys - Building my cab with a 55" WS TV rotated vertically. due to hyperspins window position (centered in screen), I will have a good bit of height. Id really like to move the position of the window if I could. I cant find anything other than window size in HyperHQ, and the window isnt movable like a normal one in windows. Anyone have an idea how to do this? I cant imagine this not being a feature with all the other customization settings there are. Thanks!
  12. Well I found something out about my issue - I think. Does the type of tv make a difference? Because if I put the image on my 29" marquee monitor it looks perfect! but on my RCA 60hz 50" it still isnt defined. I managed to tweak the settings a bit to make it look better - but still not as good as id like. Anyone else have a similar issue?
  13. Whoops - sorry about that! I guess I looked at the wrong post - looks like it was griffins settings I guess. In any case - could you tell me which setting will make the mask smaller? Im still a bit fuzzy on which setting does what in the HLSL parameters. Thanks!
  14. The pics look awesome! But WHY when I apply your settings do I get a moire or rainbow pattern? Ive tried changing the png file, the prescale and count and I cant seem to get it gone. I AM running my 50" screen SIDEWAYS so my resolution is 1080x1920. any help would be appreciated. So at the moment - other than the shader png image, im running the EXACT settings as listed by Metalzoic above, and paused on the same neo geo game (at a white transition screen), this is how it looks - blocky and rainbowish. what do I change to make this look smooth? Im sure its scaling of something..
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