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  1. Extremely cool stuff Honosuseri! Must be the envy of all of your friends! Thanks again for all the help and advice. It's helpful beyond belief!
  2. Honosuseri! The work done on this project is impressive beyond belief! I would be very happy to send you my external hard drive for you to show me just how impressive your setup is (half joking, half serious!!!). Or I could just keep plugging away! Thanks so much again!
  3. You guys are fantastic! Thank you SO much!!! Thatman84 & Honosuseri..........you must be responsible for helping others build the most killer setups ever. Thanks heaps!
  4. I don't want to do anything in regards to creating artwork or wheel art etc. I want to use existing artwork to basically group the games together into one wheel (and background) etc. A little like grouping all of the Capcom games together in one wheel (excluding the other MAME games) and repeating this for other companies that make arcade games. I hope that makes sense.
  5. Dear Hyperspinners First of all, a huge shout out to the amazing feedback on my last questions. You guys are fabulous! Ok....now for my question. I have a about 12-13 systems that I am setting up on the Nvidia Shield Hyperspin. I am wanting to know how to create MAME themes - particularly Midway Classics and Capcom Classics. I have downloaded the xml file (in addition to the relevant artwork) from this site, however I want to know where to paste this in my main Hyperspin folder and calibrate it so that it will show up in the Hyperspin main menu? Will I have to edit the xml file? Do I need a separate settings file? Any step by step instructions would be fabulous!!! Please use quite basic language to help answer this question...….I know very little about Hyperspin and am just at the beginning of my journey. For the record, I am using a PC and an external hard drive to setup Hyperspin, then transferring this to the emulated storage on my Nvidia Shield. Again.....Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate it! Soup Pants
  6. Oh...….and while I'm at the keys I might as well ask a few more burning questions about Hyperspin not reading my data base. I have been able to rename most systems however I'm having trouble with Don's Tools recognising my Dreamcast XML file. - 'XML does not have any crc tags' and does not scan'. Any ideas about the best way to correct this? One final thing (for a while). What would be the be best method to download the wheel / artwork packs for the Nvidia Shield base download pack on this website (I think there were about 15 systems). Should these be individual downloads or is there an easier way? Again...……..a huge thank you to the Hyperspin community.
  7. I want to say a MASSIVE shout out to these two amazing Hyperspinners - Thatman84 & Honosuseri. Thank you so much fellas. You're making my job so much easier with this front end thing. I really appreciate it!
  8. Dear Hyperspin I am having trouble renaming my MAME4droid (139.ui) rom files. There is more than one mxl file in the MAME directory and Don's Tools won't recognise any of the files in the 'roms' directory. What is the best way to rename these roms so they are compatible with Hyperspin? I am using the Nvidia Shield but I believe this to be irrelevant as this issue exists across all Hyperspin platforms. Many thanks for your help in advance. Soup Pants
  9. Dear Hyperspin Thank you SO much for all of your wonderful help. My apologies for not writing this enquiry in the correct place. It is in fact my first ever post and I'm pretty crap at IT - kinda explains the stupid questions in the first place. You guys have done such special work in all things arcade and gaming and I'm very grateful for all of your help. I'll let you know how I go with the setup......hopefully not too far now.
  10. Dear Hyperspin Community. Before I go any further, can I please apologise for posting this request for information. I have no doubt that this has been covered thousands of times on thousands of posts on this website and I am indeed sorry. Feel free to scream at me profusely and use a range of poo emojis to communicate your frustration with me. I guess I'm a little overwhelmed with all of the content and I'm a bit unsure where to start. I'm definitely new to Hyperspin and need some help. I have an Nvidia Shield, complete rom packs (at least I think they're complete) for a range of consoles, have the Retroarch emulator working and have a range of other emulators to play all of the games I want. I have a 2TB hard drive that am using as shared (or emulated) storage device and this is dedicated to the shield (non-removable). Ok......this is where you get pissed. 1.) Hyperspin tells me "Warning.....attempting to launch missing rom". Because my HD is emulated the path in ES explorer reads: 'storage/emulated/0/hyperspin/emulators ( …….then all of the console folders (eg: MAME)……. then all the rom folder)'. Roms are placed in this folder. Can someone please tell me what I need to write in the individual setting file (eg: Nintendo 64.ini) as I have had no luck at all with any of the games on the Hyperspin interface. I believe this to be my major problem. 2.) This is where you're really going to get the shits. I downloaded the base pack for the Nvidia Shield (from the Hyperspin site) and the start menu is great. When I enter a console I have a warning triangle telling me "Video Previews available at emumovies.com". How do I sinc the videos with the individual menus (I think they are referred to as 'systems' but I have no idea how to install these)???????? Soooo...……..where can I find these and how and where do I install them?? 3.) I believe that the fonts and images associated with roms are called 'wheels'. I have downloaded a few of these but how would I install these on the shield? Basically, what I'm asking is...……... how can I setup Hyperspin on the Shield using a shared storage device so that it kicks some serious ass. A huge thank you for anyone that can help me. Feel free to kick my ass in the comments but I've already done that over the past couple of weeks so I'm well ahead of you. Thank you so much Hyperspin and hope to hear from you soon. Soup Pants.
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