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  1. Sorry for confusing you. Only using my keyboard at the moment , using PCSX2 with lillypad plugin they work outside HS perfect
  2. Only getting 1 more problem with ps2 if i can bug you once more lol I have configured my player 1 controls outside of HS works great once run inside HS i have no controls
  3. Looks like you cracked it looked everywhere bar there thanks you so much now its time to add more thanks again
  4. http://s11.postimg.org/ggc2jfoyr/IMG_1301.jpg This is a little better to see
  5. The 2 is underneath ? http://s11.postimg.org/ggc2jfoyr/IMG_1301.jpg
  6. lowercase .png http://s13.postimg.org/5i75fb3fb/IMG_1300.jpg Strange as only the PS2 doing it
  7. https://vid.me/otBy Small Movie to explain what is happening I've checked all my files and they are named Sony PlayStation 2
  8. Yes all named Sony PlayStation 2 its the only one that does it strange
  9. Hi guys having a small issue with 1 wheel on the main screen PS2. once the PS2 icon goes out the screen then returns , it returns as text its only that 1 wheel any ideas guys.
  10. Now done that but still getting same errors i have no idea what to do
  11. I wanted to start from scratch i downloaded HS 1.3.3 and RL v1.0 (full Setup) i dragged them into the same folder C: Hyperspin I then renamed the Global Emulators (Example) deleted the Example. I then ran RocketLauncher updated and made HS default frontend Added super nintendo Emu + roms then get this error where am i going wrong. Im not updating an old hyperspin i want to start from fresh.
  12. Hi guys getting this error when trying to run a super nintendo game
  13. I used a 17" Dell Monitor and used a small wood d section to cover the gap now
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