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  1. Hello everyone , I am French and passionate about Retro gamings, I buy this article on the website Hyperspin + 85 Systems 2TB External HDD 2.5 "USB 3.0 hoping to start gently playing some games of my childhood. After following the instalation instructions, only MAME works on the entirety of my purchase, I send a message to the site and the only answer to the forum will help you? I do not find this very correct because I'm not English so I use french translate and especially I'm not a computer pro. It was marked on the site one branch is played in reality is wrong for my case .... Can you help me because sincerely I am lost .... I ask to return my disc at my expense to check the contents because my ma sold a record of 2TO or I have 1TO free in so I thought he had a problem already at the base of the does creation exist a backup that I can copy stuck in my disk? in advance thank you to the person who will help me best regards
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