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  1. Thanks mate and I have actually read through a lot of your posts, very informative. Proper learning curve with Hyperspin. It can be infuriating but ever so rewarding when you overcome its challenges. one thing you may be able to help me with is themeing. I don’t realise that the themes aren’t 1080p. It seems that the resolution is set at 1024x768 (seems to be a hyperspin default) I take it the HyperTheme app does not support 1080p theming? I am also going to build a fully fledged gaming HTPC and will be migrating my setup over to that eventually.
  2. Well I sorted it. I copied the media folder structure from another system into the android media folder, but some media files were still in there. Appears that ever was in there, was incompatible with the android system and crashing when launching android from the main menu. Thought I would post it just in case someone else makes a similar error.
  3. Does the database file go in databases/Android/Android.xml
  4. Hi all, First post here. Need some help. Tried a lot of research into this and read up a lot and I know I am missing something. I am trying to create a wheel in Hyperspin for Android apps and games. I have created the main menu android theme, which shows up. However, when I click it, it crashes back to the Nvidia Shield main menu. I have an android.ini file under settings_android which is as follows - Under databases folder, I have an Android folder and inside that, I have an android.xml file as follows - I have Kodi installed and I have just used this as a test run. However, as mentioned, it crashes straight back to the shield main menu. I have setup new systems on the Shield before but this one I just cannot work out. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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