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  2. I really enjoy pix the cat, however it requires xbox controller emulation. Dust: an Elysian Tale also works well if you have enough buttons. Pac man championship edition dx, astebreed, come on baby!, and pinball fx 2 are also on my cab. As others have said, fighters are a no-brainer, I would personally recommend checking out Skullgirls, it is a 2d fighter with hand drawn hi-res sprites.
  3. I used a 21.5" widescreen dell i had laying around.
  4. I actually designed this in sketchup and cut 3/4 mdf for the pieces. The controls are an American style set from twisted quarter, and I have a sheet of bent plexiglass over it. The side art is painted. I'm also definitely glad I chose to do the flippers, I've definitely enjoyed playing pinball fx2 on this.
  5. It mainly took so long due to the fact that as soon as it was playable I just played it rather than finishing. But now I have the finishing touches on it. I designed the cabinet myself.
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