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  1. Ql2run

    please help me out :)

    I ment another external drive,but i managed to make it work I messed other rom path ,after editing everything worked thanks @thcdgaf
  2. Ql2run

    please help me out :)

    Hello everyone, Im new [email protected] and im also new to hyperspin i managed to build my own hyperspin with rocketlauncher and so far everything was working great Since my hdd is running out of space i wanted to add 1 more drive so i can pack more PC games there and in rocketlauncher\modules\pc launcher\pc games.ini I had : [Cuphead] Application=..\Games\PC Games\Cuphead\Cuphead.exe as my game location because it was in D:\Hyperspin\Games\PC Games what path should i use if i want to keep my games on another drive ? i tryed using [Cuphead] Application=E:\Games\Cuphead\Cuphead.exe and i added another rom path for pc games in rocketlauncher /emulators for pc games E:\Games but game was not loading , can you please help me out to solve this issue?, Thanks in advance !!!!!
  3. Ql2run