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  1. Thanks. Yes, I have seen all of those directions...one of the issues was WIndows 10 making the HyperSpin drive as ‘read only,’ and The emulator couldn’t write to JoyToKey.ini. I’ve put JoyToKey into a program data folder with write access and this is working now. The second issue was how to map joytokey to the keystrokes . This is still a challenge, and I didn’t know this: Here are the default keyboard buttons for many games: 5 – Insert Coin 1 – Start Arrows – Move Ctrl – Action Button 1 Alt – Action Button 2 Space – Action Button 3 Mouse – Analog Control (needed for some games) P – Pause ESC – Quit MAME F2 – Service Mode Tab – MAME Options Menu This has helped a bit, but still struggling with the joysticks working in all games.
  2. We are trying to get hyperspin running with 4 Brook Universal Fighting boards and having trouble getting the joystick/button mapping to work both in games and in hyperspin. Can anyone lend a hand where I could get more information on how to do this? The Brook Accessory: http://www.brookaccessory.com/detail/06960737/
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